Whether you are new to diving or a seasoned pro, here are our 12 essential underwater diving accessories that we recommend for all types of divers. Think we’ve missed one? Let us know in the comments below!

The List of our 10 top diving accessories (in no particular order!)

Mouldable Mouthpiece

When scuba diving, one of the big contributors to making your dive as comfortable as possible is a good quality mouldable mouthpiece. It is very simple to adjust and attach to your regulator and makes a world of difference making it one of our must-have diving accessories. Because it is fitted to you, it will sit firmly in your mouth meaning no need to constantly focus to get the regulator to sit correctly in your mouth. No more sore lips or aching jaws after the dive! Check out brands such as SeaCure and DGX.

Flexible Hoses

In addition to the moldable mouthpiece, the Miflex hose range is a perfect choice. Available in a wide range of colours and super durable, flexible hoses give you the freedom of feeling like your regulator is not even attached to your tank and one step closer to feeling like a fish.

Spring Fin Straps

Another great accessory that will make life on a dive boat much easier is the spring fin straps. By changing the original straps on your fins with spring fin straps, you no longer have to struggle with adjusting your fin straps before every dive. You simply put your boot in the fin and with one pull at the spring strap to get it over the heel, you are ready to go diving. We recommend if you’re buying a new pair of fins to look for those models that already have a spring fin strap included.


The only way to find your way back to the boat without surfacing to look is with a trusty compass. Whether you opt for an analogue version or opt for one with GPS mapping built into the latest dive computers, you’ll be easily able to find your way.

GPS Rescue Device

If you do however get lost under the waves, have a GPS rescue signalling device – the latest models will float to the surface from 425ft down and your position sent to surrounding boats instantly. The peace of mind factor alone puts this item into our list of essential dive accessories.

Zip Tie Wraps

Zip tie wraps are great! And can solve a lot of problems on a dive boat. They are made of plastic, super tough, and can be used to tie practically anything together. The uses are many, from securing your mouthpiece to your regulator, to tying broken coral bits to underwater frames for reef rejuvenation. So important so that it would even make our top must-have diving accessories in any divers toolkit.

A great underwater camera

No matter what reason you’re diving, you will want to have a reliable camera that is flexible and able to suit your needs. We’re biased, but we definitely recommend the Paralenz Dive Camera for your next trip. Going x4 deeper and x2 longer than the latest GoPro without the cost or hassle of additional waterproof housings or filters means that you get to focus on your dive and nothing else.

The best bags you can afford

A sturdy full-size bag for all your gear with great straps for your general dive gear is a must. Getting the right quality to suit your needs from the start means no hassles whilst your on your trip – dive gear can get heavy!
The same goes for dry bags. On an active dive boat, a “dry area” is very few and far between. The only way of ensuring your items stay dry is to have a dedicated dry bag that can seal your items even if it finds it’s way overboard.

A Dedicated Dive Knife or Line cutter

No bit of dive kit has been developed more than the humble dive knife. Latest designs use modern materials that can delay corrosion and be perfectly suited for use underwater frequently.

Exposure Suit Hangers with Integrated Heater

A great invention for all the divers doing more than one dive a day, the hanger with integrated heater is a must-have! It is basically a regular wetsuit hanger with a blowdryer installed. The heated air is propelled downwards through the suit making it nice and dry in no time! The worst thing ever is climbing into a cold and clammy wetsuit… never again!