A host of new features

We’re super happy to announce a raft of great updates in the recent firmware update.

If you have not updated your camera already, we recommend you do so HERE ASAP.

Aside from the usual bug fixes from the requests from within our team and our network of global testers, we’ve added a couple of new features to make your Paralenz Dive Camera even easier to use and give much better results than ever before.

You suggested, we delivered: Auto record

Announcing our new auto record function, the Paralenz Dive will start recording after a meter / 3 ft under the surface. This means all you need to do is set the device on standby in video mode and the camera will do its magic. You’re able to make multiple dives, and once you’re done you’ll have multiple videos and dive logs according to your activity to share/export as you need.

We’ve also improved the communication between you and your Paralenz Dive Camera with the introduction of a distinctive vibration pattern for each function, and for letting you know when video recording starts/stops — no more fumbling around not knowing what’s happening!

Optional Auto Sleep

In this as well, we’ve given an option for the “Auto Sleep” function to be switched off — something we know that a lot of users has given us great feedback on.

We’ve also made great strides with the White Balance (WB) correction, with an update that removes the issue of the “flickering” WB that could occur when using lights or being above the surface.

Along with making space for ON/OFF notifications for both DCC and WB on the home screen so you can always see what is/is not active, the new update gives an all-around improvement to the final result, whether you’re using it for video or images.

Updated mobile apps

The IOS app is getting much better as well. Check out this video to see how you connect the camera to your phone to share your awesome dives.

Some of you have had your dive camera for a while, whilst some have only used it for the first time, but we’re doing a call out for our biggest push for feedback to date as we make our way towards creating the next firmware. It’ll only take 5 minutes of your time, but your feedback will allow our development team to make the changes that you need. Without this, we would not be where we are today, and we appreciate every single comment that you’re able to give! — GIVE FEEDBACK


– Bug fixes
– New settings menu layout
– New auto record mode: Automatically start recording in video mode, when depth is larger than 1 meter. When the depth is less than 1 meter the recording will stop after 10 seconds. Specially designed for spearfishing/freediving.
– Fixed auto WB shifting constantly underwater
– New vibration feedback pattern for modes and recording
– Settings added to turn off auto off function
– Optimized DCC to get better results at larger depths
– Home screen adjustments: See current active WB/DCC setting
– Manual time/date settings added.

Thanks as always for your continual support, and until next time — dive safe!