5 Best International Dive Blogs

This is a list of our favourite international dive blogs. Think someone should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!


One of the most influential and certainly the largest diver blog with a following of over 1.5m on Facebook alone. Started in 2010, it seeks to establish itself as the number 1 information platform for English speaking divers. With a young and dynamic team, they create daily editorial content on all aspects of scuba diving and have a strong focus on educating divers about the marine environment.


Deeper Blue has one of the largest diver communities and hosts great content tips for freedivers and underwater hunters. Deeper Blue create up to date article about recent events, magnificent videos but also extensive files and info. Finally, the site offers beautiful reports and a video section updated every week and has a wide range of content throughout the site.


Spotmydive, in addition to being a dive blog check by more than 50,000 divers per month, is also a website providing information about more than 15,000 dive sites. It also has an online diving booking platform with discounts all year round and offers a free diving logbook with great diver focused features such as statistics and word diving map.

The Scuba Diving Blog is very active and usually publishes 1 or 2 articles per day on different topics such as top 10, fun facts about underwater life, tips for divers, tests of new diving equipment and much more. Only a year old, but already attracts a large community of divers.


Dive Photo Guide is a website designed for underwater video lovers and photographers. It claims to have more than 50,000 members. There are many sections: tests in order to help you buy your underwater photography camera and box, tips to get started, techniques to become a great underwater photographer and much more. Each week, a photographer is picked up in order to present his pictures to the community. Finally, you can learn about upcoming international events. You have understood, if you are an underwater photography lover, this dive blog is for you.

Scuba Diving

If you check carefully the different diving equipment tests and comparisons available on this scuba diving blog, you won’t be able to make the wrong choice anymore. They position themselves as the best scuba diving website to buy compare and choose your dive equipment. However, some completely staggered items attract curiosity and give a very nice “outside of the box” side to this site.