2017 was truly a great year for all underwater camera lovers. Two new products appeared and are already attracting everyone’s attention: the Paralenz and the GoPro 6. Let’s see which one will suit you the best and let’s compare them:

Paralenz, the ultimate underwater camera for scuba divers?

The Paralenz underwater camera comes directly from northern Europe, more precisely from Denmark. It is in this country that a team of engineers, passionate divers and enthusiasts of new technologies, considered that the underwater cameras on the market had a capacity of use too limited and decided to manufacture their own product. With the help of more than 250 divers from 38 countries from conception to completion and testing, the Paralenz camera was born.

Before giving you all the technical detail for the Paralenz, I would like to highlight one special feature for this underwater camera. Its amazing DCC™ also called Depth Color Correction! This unique function interacts with the software to give truer colors at depth without the use of filters. No more bluish or greenish video if you are not using a dive lights or a color filter. It’s been years that I am doing underwater video, adapting filters manually in front of the camera depending on my dive plan and thanks to Paralenz it is finally over. The Paralenz camera is the first camera in the world that I will get the benefit of a color filter without all the disadvantage. You can activate or deactivate this function with a simple slide of the switch, and the camera will automatically correct the colors for you.

Images taken from a Paralenz Dive on a rig beside a GoPro Hero6 fitted with a Polar Pro filter on a rig and lowered it to the bottom of Copenhagen harbour, this is what it looks like at 7 meters. Both are screen dumps with nothing done to them. [Paralenz Dive on the left]

This tiny camera was acclaimed during their successful Kickstarter campaign. The Paralenz Camera made by divers for divers is now available and all ocean lover can buy one. Here some information about the product :

> Integrated underwater housing that goes deep, really deep, down to 200 meters without ANY fog even if you never turn it off.
> Made of a strong aluminium and polycarbonate alloy really shock resistant that also resist in extreme temperature conditions (from -20°C to 85°C)
Long lifespan battery that does not suffer from cold water
Easy to use and to handle even with big and thick gloves
> No filter needed! For once a camera is correcting automatically the color at depth
> The camera is coupled with a mobile application that allows you to recover your dive profile
> Really light (155g) and small. The camera is as tiny as a tiny dive torch, perfect to travel

GoPro Hero6, still the best above water action cam 2017?

GoPro has been a pioneer in the design of underwater cameras. All models combined, Go Pro is the biggest action camera company worldwide. Its success comes from the size, the weight and especially the quality of its cameras. The latest model GoPro 6 is no exception to the rule. With a design identical to the GoPro5, GoPro6 further improves the quality of photos and videos with a new chip, called GP1. Another notable improvement on the latter model is the electronic stabilization of images that effectively suppresses vibrations. Underwater, the GoPro 6 can be brought to 10 meters without box and up to 60 meters with a waterproof case. Nevertheless, if you want to bring back a nice footage from your dive you must invest in filters or your video will be all blue.

Our review of both cameras

The GoPro 6 wants to be a versatile action camera that will suit the greatest number. It will seduce, no doubt, snorkelers, beginner or occasional divers and brand’s fans. To be honest the GoPro6 is a great camera, even one of the best.

But if you want a camera to film underwater in all circumstances, the Paralenz will be our choice. The camera was designed by divers for divers and once in your hand, you will understand it. You will not worry anymore about the depth, the waterproofing, your gloves, the battery or the water temperature or the fog preventions. It adapts perfectly to all types of diving: regular, deep diving, Teck diving, cave diving, lake diving, ice diving, scuba diving or snorkelling. We had the chance to test this camera three times (Bahamas, Iceland and Elba) and we fall in love with the product. Video were amazing and using it was more than easy.


I think you all understand that if we have to recommend you one camera for your next diving trip, it will be the Paralenz. But do not take us wrong, the Gopro 6 is a great camera that I will bring with me when I won’t be underwater.

Technical comparisons in scuba diving


GoPro Hero 6


Video resolution

White balance

Filters needed

Automatic color correction



Aluminium & polycarbonate




Underwater housing

Need to buy one



Happens a lot



up to 60 meters with the housing

200 meters without housing


1h in 4K60

+3h in 1080p30/ +2h in 4K30


-5°C to 51°C

-20°C to 85°C


Wifi, 1 x Micro-HDMI (Type-D)

WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

Use with gloves










569€ camera

100€ housing

50€ filters


This guest post originally appeared at www.spotmydive.com