Sunken treasure: The story of how my underwater camera was found after 11 days submerged

We just got this story posted in the Paralenz World Facebook Group by one of the Alpha-testers, Anthony Dzioba of his underwater camera. This is such an awesome story that we thought you should read it too!!

The Story

I have an extraordinary story to tell you about my Paralenz.
Back in September 2016, I pledged to Indiegogo as a backer for Paralenz, it looked fantastic.

Finally, in September 2017, I received my camera. As all backers would be, I was excited to get it into action. Having a dive trip in Vanuatu coming up in October so I wanted to try my camera out – I went for an easy shore dive and played around with it, and was happy with the results and functionality.

The trip in Vanuatu was going well. We had been doing shore dives to the SS President Coolidge, and I had been securing the underwater camera in my wetsuit pocket. I had used the camera for 4 days and had some good footage and photographs.

Then on October 22nd, while giant striding off the dive boat, I discovered that my camera had come free. It was now living in anywhere from 15m to 40+m on the reef around Mal Mal Island.

“you mean this one?”

Resigned to the fact that my camera was gone, I lodged an insurance claim. Some days later when back home, I received a follow-up email from the insurer stating that I needed a detailed loss report to claim back the underwater camera. So I emailed the dive shop and the dive master. On the 2nd of November, he replied to me with a photo of my camera asking “you mean this one?”.

I couldn’t believe it. His student spotted the underwater camera in 25m of water. A whole 11 days after I lost it. They cleaned up the camera and had a look. It seemed to be working but a couple days footage was missing. He informed me that one of their staff would be returning to Australia in a couple weeks and he could mail it back to me.

Come to that date, I asked how it was going. They forgot the camera! So another couple of weeks waiting. Eventually, I was too anxious to receive it, so they posted it from Vanuatu.

Then on the 1st of December, I’ve finally received it back. I immediately cleaned it a bit further and then updated the firmware and formatted the memory card (after backing it up of course).

A few days of diving since then and the camera appears to be in perfect working order. 11 days under salt water on a reef at 25m and the camera still works. It’s a true underwater camera made for divers by divers! The blue is a bit faded and there’s some staining on the black parts but otherwise no problems. I’ve also now affixed a bolt snap so I won’t lose it again!”

– It is such a pleasure to see the honesty and dedication of the dive community shine through!!!

Big thanks to Anthony for bringing this story and to Coral Quays Fish & Dive Resort, Absolute Adventures for bringing back Anthony his Paralenz Dive Camera.

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