Get your videos to the next level

Whether it’s sharing to entertain friends or boost your business or you simply want to share your experiences with others, you should definitely consider a video editing software.

The truth is that video content is the key to optimize your presence on social media. That’s why we have created a short list of the best 5 Video Editing Software of 2018 that you can easily use on both PC or Mac.

Important notice, It all depends on the purpose of your content, whether is more personal or recreational or if it’s for corporate or promotional reasons.

Here are our top recommendations:

Apple iMovie (for Mac OS X)

The best option for beginners

The simplest and cleanest to use even if you have no experience at all in video editing. Basically, a drag and drop method that allows you to navigate easily and create the video you want without too much thought. Another highlight is that it includes different features like sound effects, nice music, transitions & title animations.

iMovie also supports 4k video clips imported from iPhone & other devices and it can be exported to several social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

One of the disadvantages is that is exclusive to macOS and IOS, therefore, is free for Mac owners because it’s already installed as it serves as a good primer for Final Cut Pro.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

This is a more professional video editing program so it requires more advanced skills. Similarly to iMovie, it has all basic video editing functionalities and the same “drag and drop” method but it includes more extensive audio, animation, and transition features and it edits 4k footage almost flawlessly.

Final Cut has plugins unlike iMovie so it makes it much better and easier to customize your video, besides it has more overlays to play around with and it does not need any other software programs like Adobe Premiere- After Effects to do the final touches so it saves you a heap of time and will definitely give you a high-quality result (1080p).

Friendly battery life + Import Preview = Direct to Youtube  – a great treat for those who work on the road!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere is perhaps the most well-known video editing software out there and this is because it has a lot of different capabilities and features such as color correction. It is designed to create visually professional content so it does take a lot of time and effort to understand the opportunities it offers.

Another advantage is that you can combine and blend multiple shots by using more overlays and finally create invisible, empty layers called adjustments layers that allows you to make changes beneath the original layer just like in Photoshop.

Other reasons to use Adobe Premiere is the cross-platform compatibility, meaning it works for both Mac & Windows which makes it easier to share with another editor on a different operating system and the integration of the other Adobe programs such as After Effects, Photoshop, etc.

Davinci Resolve

The editing interfaces are easy to use and the audio/video synchronization works perfectly. Its trimming tool is simple but powerful with more advanced features like slide tool and ripple trim that allows you to make fine adjustments to your sequences. Also, the Multicam tool works up to 16 cameras in one split view which is very handy when working on a project with numerous cameras.

The most astounding feature Davinci Resolve offers its color correction with a high standard of primary and secondary correction tools, advanced curve editor, tracking and stabilization, noise reduction and grain tools which makes it stand out from most editing software on the market.

For both Mac and PC users!

Windows Live Movie Maker

The most popular video editing software for PC users who don’t have the time or can’t afford the high-end programs. It includes a variety of text captions and rendering presets from low resolution to full HD.

A very compelling feature of Movie Maker is that it allows you to do voiceovers by using the record button. Although it’s not as powerfully equipped as other programs, Windows Live Movie Maker has a great bunch of features that can create high-quality videos if you put your imagination to work.

To summarize,  there is a wide variety of programs that can do the job but no video editing software can do miracles. You can always improve the quality of your video and add many features to make it look cool, but you must be selective and use stable film footage to get good results. If you want some tips there is a very helpful article on our blog that has some good advice on image stabilization.


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