Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a husband and wife team of underwater photographers that teach underwater photography and present talks all over the UK about the underwater world and photography. Together they own and run Frogfish Photography, based in Manchester in the UK. Frogfish Photography provides underwater photo-journalism for Scubaverse, Diver Magazine and the U.K. national press & media. They are both biologists, with Caroline having a Masters in Animal Behaviour. Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. They have written three books: Nick wrote “Underwater Photography Art & Techniques” and together they wrote “Deadly Oceans” and “World’s Best Wildlife Dive Sites”


Nick is the Underwater Photography Editor and Caroline is Deputy Editor of and they travel the world photographing and videoing the amazing underwater wildlife they encounter. They have a special love of sharks and try to get into the water with them as often as possible. They are dedicated marine conservationists and have setup a movement in their home city called SeaStraw, working to reduce single-use plastics in the food and drink industry. They are also UK Ambassadors for Sharks4Kids. Their photo-journalism can be seen in dive publications, book and media all over the world.


On a recent trip to The Bahamas, working with the Bahamian Tourist Board to help promote the islands, Nick and Caroline dived on 4 different islands and with 6 species of shark: Tiger, Bull, Great Hammerhead, Lemon, Caribbean Reef and Nurse Sharks. In addition to their underwater camera systems, they took the Paralenz to shoot video. It was mounted on their camera so that they could shoot photos and video simultaneously. The images and video will be used in features on and by The Bahamas to promote diving on these wonderful islands. They will also be leading a trip back to The Bahamas in 2019 to focus on shark photography.


Nick said “We did not used to like shooting video, due to the effort of editing the footage on our return, but with the Paralenz this has changed. Now we can shoot video, with this tiny camera that packs a huge punch, whilst we are taking our still images. Because of the revolutionary new auto white balance this camera has, when we get back, we can publish the video straight out of the camera. The Paralenz has changed the way we think about underwater videography!”

Caroline said “The Shark footage has turned out really well. What you see here is footage straight from the camera, as our busy lifestyle does not allow for hours of editing. But we know that video clips of shark dives like this really does engage the public and are great for social media, and promoting sharks as beautiful creatures, not mindless killers. Now we will never dive without our Paralenz”


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