We receive mail and messages from throughout our community, and we’re especially proud of a recent note from Fil, one of our Paralenz World members from Macedonia + writer for pevly.com

You can read their entire review of the Paralenz Dive camera here:

“Hey Paralenz!

We at PEVLY are doing our best to help people with regards to new and innovative technology. One of our main areas of focus includes action cameras.

The most attractive action cameras, to me, are so-called amphibious cameras which are used on both sides of the surface. Ever since I began testing small and affordable action cameras, I started suggesting to the manufacturers to make amphibious devices and get rid of protective casings.

With all the benefits of simplification, such cameras would better perform their primary function. Still, no camera without a casing was sturdy enough to reach usual diving depths…

And then the Paralenz appeared, magically conforming to almost all requirements. Its refreshingly correct design, smart option dialing, and much more put it immediately on top.

And why “almost?” Simply because this tiny device opens a huge field of future options. Such is the fate of all good things!

So forgive my excitement and look at the facts. Paralenz is changing how people see our underwater space which encompasses four fifths of our planet’s surface.”

“Fil lives in Macedonia. His experience consists of 50+ years in underwater photography, and almost 20 pro photographing years on both sides of the surface. He enjoys taking things apart to see how they work, and taking them underwater to see if they leak.”

Read his full article at PEVLY.COM – The Ultimate Action Camera Resource