Every update is a free upgrade to your Paralenz®

We’re constantly working on the camera software adding new functionalities and changes based on diver feedback. Not only does it provide you with the best possible experience, but will ensure a great user experience each and every time.


MYTH: A software update is just fixing minor issues

Typically we release new features that we’ve been working on. ALL of the basic functionality is complete. This means that anytime we push a public release it’s due to a new feature that we’ve enabled. For example, the last x2 updates have given us the added functions of:

  • Auto record
    Starts recording at any determined depth and stops 20 seconds after surfacing – splitting each dive into a separate video
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
    Produces a gimbal-like effect on videos and images to ensure you capture the best footage possible.

We strongly recommend that you ALWAYS check for an update before you go diving. 

Just as you would go through the rest of your dive gear and run a check, we recommend for you to treat your Paralenz® Dive in the same way. Taking special care in ensuring that moving elements such as the trigger and menu selector rings function properly and that your o-rings are lightly greased at all times to ensure total water protection all the way down to 200m / 656ft.

The latest firmware can always be found at www.paralenz.com/firmware 

So what’s new in v1.3.2?

We’ve learnt that we shouldn’t put the onus on you to make the updates. This means that once you update to v1.3.2 every time that your Paralenz® Dive connects to the Dive App, it will automatically check for an available update and automatically download and install for you. The other focus of the upgrade has been to make some core upgrades to a number of our key features.

You’ll notice that we missed the release announcement for v1.3.1 – but that was simply a raft of bug fixes and internal testing for some upcoming features 😉

Optimisation of DCC™

As we go deeper and deeper into different water types around the world, we’re getting incredible data as to what needs improving. One particular element was that when the Blue DCC function was selected it created a purple haze effect at deeper depths. This has now been adjusted to fix this issue.

As clear as day

We’ve added 5600K to the WB settings. This is the industry standard for daylight and will give you even more realistic colouring on your footage when using lights, and make it even easier in post-production for making your final videos.


Again, you’ve said and we’ve listened. The auto record function can now be set at whatever depth you wish to start recording from & doubled the surface recording time from 10 to 20 seconds. You are also now able to cancel the auto stop on your way up by pulling the activation switch once. This gives you complete flexibility as to each specific situation you may find yourself in.

Have some features you want to suggest?

We appreciate all the feedback we receive, and the R&D team go through each and every one of your replies – all we ask is that you can be as honest as possible. It’s the feedback we get from users like yourself that lets us create the best underwater camera in the world.


What are you waiting for?

We already know that at least 80% of Paralenz owners haven’t yet updated to the latest software. We also know that this is a key cause (old firmware) of a lot of the issues we’re experiencing with support right now, so we strongly urge you to update to the latest version – as it’ll hopefully be the last manual update you’ll have to do!



Thanks again, and until next time – dive safe!