As a recent addition to our team of Paralenz Ambassadors, we would like to welcome Jill Heinerth and in the same breath, show her our appreciation of the support and positive feedback that she has given us. It is such a pleasure to see the Paralenz being loved by the very same people we developed it for. People with a passion for diving!

Below you will get to know Jill as a cave explorer, writer and photographer. She has accumulated an amazing amount of experiences which she will share with you through a series of blog posts. Enjoy the first one here.

Meet Jill

“I’m a professional photographer, so you might wonder what place a Paralenz camera has in the camera bag. The truth is that there is always room for a reliable, streamlined action camera. The Paralenz is handy for capturing unusual angles, gritty POV footage and unscripted moments. I’ve climbed the mast of a ship and used an action camera to capture the ups and downs of 20 feet seas. I’ve used action cams as pole cameras off the side of a Zodiac when a humpback whale pays an unexpected visit. I’ve taken action cameras on exploration dives when my only goal is to lay line in a virgin cave rather than shoot photos. If I didn’t have a small and reliable camera, then these moments in my expeditionary career would be missed. Even when I am saddled up with a RED or a Canon 5D MkIV, an action camera is still indispensable.

What I love about the Paralenz is the ability to set it on my helmet and let it roll continuously. Given the generous battery time, I am able to set it in the 4K video mode and let it run. Screen captures from that footage are great for social media and I use the video footage for short clips of moments that I missed, such as breaking the surface of the water.

Recently on a project 700 km north of the Arctic Circle I needed an action camera for recon footage on a pole cam. Small cameras are quick to deploy to get a sneak peek at conditions. With the Paralenz I have not had to worry about the extremely cold temperatures that I often work in. I also don’t need to be concerned about fogging issues often hampering GoPro users.

My favourite features of the Paralenz camera are:

  • Durable build that is not depth limited
  • Tactile feedback for shooting controls
  • Wide angle field of view that offers 140° without distortion


There are numerous methods for screen captures including an app called “Grab.” I find the easiest method to grab a frame on a Mac is to scrub through the footage to the frame you want. Use the right and left arrows to advance a frame at a time to zero in on the right spot. Once you have chosen the frame, hit “Shift, Command, 3” simultaneously. You can open the screen grab in photoshop and crop and save.

Next time you see me lugging a giant underwater housing in the field, look a little closer and you might notice a Paralenz on my helmet!