Article by AIDA Master Instructor, PADI Master Freediving Instructor and Paralenz Brand Ambassador, David Watson.

The Paralenz Dive Camera goes freediving

David is also the founder and head instructor of One Breath Freediving based on the Mediterranean island of Malta. One Breath Freediving opened in 2012 and it’s Malta’s first dedicated freediving centre, school, and shop, where David taught hundreds of students how to free dive and conducted numerous training and exploring sessions. During summer David also leads sailing & freediving liveaboard excursions across the islands, while in winter, he conducts top quality coaching in training camps held annually in Dahab, Egypt.

My underwater passion is freediving photography and videography and I relish the challenge of trying to achieve the perfect shot on just one breath of air

The Paralenz Dive Camera has very exciting applications for freedivers, the scope and capabilities of the Paralenz camera allows me to be as minimalist and hydrodynamic as possible. I can carry it with me with very little thought,  which is important while freediving. Moreover, the DCC (Depth Color Correction) feature, in particular, is going to make a huge difference while filming a freediver, as the depth is changing continuously, and other action cameras struggle to keep up or fail to capture the true colors of life underwater.

Better freediving teachings

The Paralenz Dive Camera is also very useful for teaching and training situations. To become a successful freediver, students require constant feedback on their actions such as body position, movements in the water and equalization technique. Therefore, it is vital that I focus on the students 100%, so I have zero time for handling cameras. The innovative features harnessed within the Paralenz Camera can change the way I can provide student feedback. Mask mounting, and the superb trilogy of features (depth data recording, dive auto record and extra-long battery life), combined mean I can switch the camera on at the start of a training session and forget about it until it’s time to debrief the students back in the classroom.

Exploring the numerous shipwrecks around the Maltese islands is also a favourite pastime of mine and I am happy to announce an upcoming video series documenting these wrecks while freediving. Having multiple mounting platforms to film from, the extreme wide-angle view and the depth data recording capability will create a very exciting and dynamic viewing experience, and I am looking forward to sharing this Paralenz underwater wreck footage in the near future!

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