Article by Julien and Malaury from Blutopia making an effort to decrease the amount of plastic in the ocean by providing solutions.

Blutopia – A drift for the ocean

Blutopia stands for Blue and Utopia: the utopia of a blue and plastic-free ocean. Founded in February 2018, Blutopia is a charity raising awareness about plastic. pollution and promoting solutions from all over the world to eradicate plastic in the ocean.

Behind the project

We are Julien and Malaury, a couple of ocean lovers and travellers from France. Julien is a swimmer and diver, working as a PADI IDC staff instructor. Malaury is a surfer and budding diver, studying management at ESCP Europe. Besides her studies, she is working as a freelance for makesense, a community that connects engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs, and forward-looking organizations to solve social issues.

A focus on plastic pollution

Today, plastic is everywhere. Wrapped around our food, in our cosmetics, in our clothes, on our phones, and even… on our plates. Once a revolutionary invention, plastic is now filling up the ocean and endangering marine life. Yes, unfortunately, plastic cannot disappear or decompose as a French baguette would. Every piece
of plastic ever made is still on the planet and is likely to have ended up in the ocean.

Did you know that 18 tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every single minute?

How to achieve the Blutopia

Well, let’s be honest: it will take a while, for sure but Blutopia is a lifetime project. The figures are alarming but we are convinced that each of us has got the key to cage the flow. Alternatives to plastic do exist, they just have to be discovered and spread around. Therefore, the first step of our project is the Blutopia Tour, a journey around South-East Asia and Australia to raise awareness about plastic pollution and promote solutions for a bluer ocean. From January to July 2019, we will:

● Visit 7 countries highly concerned about plastic pollution
● Raise awareness about plastic pollution through beach and underwater
● Help 14 social entrepreneurs to solve a challenge that is crucial to develop
their project and have more impact on plastic pollution
● Promote 28 innovative solutions to eradicate plastic pollution and prove
that it is already possible to make a significant change in the ocean.

Paralenz, the perfect choice for Blutopia

You’re wondering how Paralenz could help develop our project? That’s quite easy
to answer. Paralenz is simply the best action camera for underwater footage, built
by divers and for divers. It is exactly what we need for the Blutopia Tour!

During our underwater clean-ups, it will be crucial to record what we see and what we collect underwater to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean. Meanwhile, our hands must be free for picking up the debris.
In addition, the Paralenz can be mounted on our masks or on the third person viewer (the only accessory we need) so we can focus on the debris without being distracted. Besides, the camera logs the dives and provides important data about the shots, which will be really useful to share information about the location of
the plastic debris collected. Last but not least: we will be travelling for 7 months, carrying our backpacks through 7 countries… Sadly, Malaury cannot bring all of her shoes. So you can imagine that we are looking for the lightest and most compact gear, that’s why the Paralenz is the gear to go since it’s smaller than a smartphone:
you cannot find any contender!

In conclusion, the Paralenz Dive Camera fits all our needs: easy to use, providing stunning shots, no matter the depth and it’s perfect for travelling divers.

Catch the wave

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