Documenting freediving depth records set on a single breath

Dear Paralenz, we wanted to let you know that we used your cameras at our recently concluded Deja Blue 9 International Freediving Competition in Grand Cayman and how well they performed. The Paralenz Dive Cameras helped us capture amazing video and still footage of hundreds of dives of elite freedivers from around the world, including over a dozen national and continental freediving records at depths down to 114 meters/374 feet underwater on a single breath!

Competition rules require cameras to be mounted on the bottom plate in order to verify that the diver reaches their depth without penalty.  In previous years’ competitions ,we’ve been challenged by the fact the other cameras, such as GoPros, have plastic housings that are not rated to withstand the pressure of the depths to which our athletes dive on a single breath and more than a few cameras have been flooded in past years, losing critical footage.

But this year we used Paralenz Dive Cameras and they were fantastic!  The metal housings are super tough and had no problem handling 12 atmospheres of pressure.

And the digital overlay showing depth and temperature is an awesome feature that allows visual verification of the depth of the camera as well as confirmation that in the waters off Grand Cayman, there is no thermocline and our athletes enjoyed 81F/27C water (and a lot of light)—even at 110 meters deep!!! (That’s Brazilian freediver Carol Schrappe returning to the surface after reaching a Variable Weight depth of 110 meters!)

Your cameras were very versatile and allowed us to employ them in a variety of specific uses.  For instance, on a typical day during the competition, we employed 7 Paralenz Dive Cameras:

2 scooter cameras (1 on each of our Dive Xtras scooters to follow the athlete up and down)
2 bottom plate cameras (one on each bottom plate)
1 camera mounted on the Variable Weight (VWT) sled showing the athlete’s face
1 miscellaneous use cameras (to be used by the safeties and judges to capture miscellaneous stuff)
1 backup camera, just in case (never needed!)

All in all, the cameras were very easy to use and the vibration feature that lets you know you’re recording works really well.

Also very important to us is the fact that the battery run times on the Paralenz Dive Camera are OUTSTANDING! With GoPros we always had to take a break in the middle of the competition day after a couple hours to switch out the cameras. That was a real pain on a number of different levels, from hauling up the bottom plates to time delays and it also meant more SD cards to search through and categorize at the end of each day.  Your Paralenz cameras were always still recording at the end of the day when we pulled them up from depth!

Most importantly, the image quality was excellent. Underwater photography is challenging for a number of reasons and the Paralenz’ Depth Color Correction (DCC) ensured we had the best image possible no matter the depth.

Conclusion, the cameras worked great and we were so glad we used them!  Thank you again, Paralenz!

Performance Freediving International

P.S.  Here’s a video showing both the versatility of the Paralenz Dive Camera as well as the awesome 62-meter constant weight (CWT) Cayman National Record dive of Richard Collett on May 6, 2018. Richard became the first Caymanian to dive deeper than 200 feet on a single breath and Paralenz was there to capture it!