Another article from Julien and Malaury from Blutopia, telling us more about the plastic-free ocean initiative, Blutopia, and the benefits of having the Paralenz Dive Camera as part of their gear.

The Paralenz Camera – My first impression

It has been a month since Malaury and I received the Paralenz Dive Camera. Remember that we opted for Paralenz to help us raise awareness about plastic pollution with Blutopia? In January 2019, we will be on a tour through South-East Asia and Australia to promote solutions for a plastic-free ocean… with the Paralenz Dive Camera! To get used to it before the Blutopia Tour, I did some dives with it in Sardinia, Italy. What do I think about the camera? Am I satisfied or disappointed? Let me give you my first impression of the camera.

Out of the water

I do like the casing: very compact, well-made, resistant. I immediately felt that the camera was safe inside. Extremely important for Blutopia: As we will travel the world, we need top-of-the-range equipment but light enough to bring it everywhere. 🌏Once I opened the case, I discovered the beauty of the camera and all the accessories. The nice thing from Paralenz: the silicon inside the case for the O-rings. Details make the difference! Let’s talk about the camera now. 🤙

Is that a torch or a camera?

This is what my friends asked me when I showed them the camera. I understand them. I mean, it is absolutely incredible how compact the camera is. The design is just perfect to hold the camera in your hand and the materials used to build it are of high quality. 👌 Hard to damage it! Talking about light, I do not use light during my dives. As you can see below, the shots are pretty good!

What is it worth underwater?

Of course, this is the purpose of the Paralenz Dive Camera: underwater shots. But what is it really worth? Should I hold the suspense? 🤔… If you are still hesitating to buy it, don’t. Go ahead and you won’t regret it! The Paralenz Dive Camera is insane.

On my first dive, I was in Costa Paradiso, on the North coast of Sardinia. The conditions were not good at all: green water and less than 5-meter visibility. Still, with those settings, Paralenz astounded me! Look at the photo and make up your own mind! 🤩

A few days later, I dove in Isola Rossa, a few miles away from Costa Paradiso. The conditions were getting better: bluer water and 15-meter visibility. Still, not the best condition. I had dove in Isola Rossa before and most of the time, you get a clear blue water and 30-meter visibility. Again, you are the judge for the Paralenz! 😊 Take a look at that photo of a coral.

It is quite simple: the camera takes exactly what you see underwater. The colours are so faithful, thanks to the Depth Colour Correction (DCC) And I repeat, we were far from a clear water. Are you impressed by now?

But the Paralenz Dive Camera is even better in video mode! It is so fluid and steady. The Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) makes a huge difference. I tried to dive once without it… My advice: turn it on! 😊 Here is my first underwater movie with the camera after only 4 dives.

So, is the Paralenz perfect?

Almost! The Paralenz Dive Camera is the best underwater camera so far if you compare it to other products at the same price. According to me, only 2 things could be improved.

First, the photo mode especially for macro-footage. For me, it is not a big deal as I prefer taking videos. 🎥

Second, I would have appreciated a screen to see what I am taking with the camera. It requests some time to manage the framing. 😉 But maybe new accessories will be released soon to solve those issues. 😇

Otherwise, many things made me fall in love with the Paralenz Dive Camera: 😍

  • Design: so compact and made with top-range materials
  • Easy to use: one shutter, one ring to switch modes, even with gloves
  • Quality of the video: up to 4k with EIS and DCC is just incredible
  • Autonomy: you can easily do 3 dives without worrying about the battery
  • Custom mode: photo burst, time-lapse, slow-motion. Plus: you can change it during the dive.
  • Easy to bring: lighter than your smartphone, you can travel all around the world with the Paralenz camera
  • Possibility to change settings: even while you are diving!

I still have a lot to learn to perfectly manage the camera but I am more than happy with it. My first impression is excellent!😄

In a word: convinced

I was expecting a lot from the Paralenz Dive Camera. It fulfils all my demands (and even more!) I am now convinced and proud to have the best camera for divers on the market. 💪 It is a real pleasure to dive with Paralenz. If you get the camera, you will impress everyone by showing your shots. And, of course, you’ll be impressed too! 😲

What about Blutopia?

We had a lot going on during the last few weeks and didn’t have as much time as we would have wanted for Blutopia. We moved to Sardinia where we will be working for the summer. We will be managing a diving shop at Resort Le Dune in Badesi. Beside this, we collected data for the Blutopia Tour, talked with many other people travelling on a cause to get some feedback and advice, wrote articles for our upcoming blog and created contents for our communication on social media. What’s more, we created the special spot: a private Facebook group to share news about Blutopia and get some feedback from experts on our work.

This summer, we are planning to raise awareness about plastic pollution to our students and reduce plastics in the diving centre as much as possible. The first step: stop using plastic bottles and organise cleanups (but one good thing: the north of Sardinia is actually quite clean! 👏

If you want to keep updated, the Blutopia website is about to be released, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to have the good news first! 😇


If you have a passion for deep diving or saving the deepwater environment, then join Paralenz World Facebook Group and be part of a community that thrives for preserving the ocean.