A while back, Paralenz got contacted by Brownie’s Global Logistics, one of the most important companies that assist with underwater exploration and research for commercial and scientific purposes. They have asked us to assist them by supplying Paralenz Underwater Cameras, to help them record the deep water footage that will be used in the new season of ever-interesting Cooper’s Treasure, set to air on the 22nd of June 2018.

The story

Cooper’s Treasure is a relatively new TV series available on The Discovery Channel, based on one of the most important NASA pioneers, Gordon Cooper. Back in 1960, Gordon was tasked by NASA with what was known back then as the longest space flight, that recorded a staggering 122-hour mission.

Cooper´s treasure

Gordon was tasked with detecting nuclear sites, but the trip helped him make an extraordinary discovery, which he had kept secret for over 40 years. But the mystery was not lost!

Before Gordon Cooper passed away in 2004, “The Oklahoma Hotdog” shared his discoveries with his long-time friend, Darrel Miklos, hoping that the research will be continued and the mystery will finally be solved and shared with the world. And that is exactly what happened!

The journey

At the end of 2017, Discovery Channel contacted Brownie’s Global Logistics with the idea for the new season of Cooper’s Treasure, and on 6th of February 2018 the research vessel M/V GO America was equipped with 2 submarines, NEMO and NOMAD, a fleet of tenders and a full set of diving gear and ready to start a one-month expedition trip at sea.

underwater camera

If you’re wondering how the show was filmed, Paralenz is partly to thank. All deepwater imagery on the show was filmed with Paralenz – a world-class underwater camera that was mounted onto NEMO, the submersible used for filming and surveying. The cameras were routinely used to 200-meters and produced incredible imagery used in the show.

The show

Now the time has come and Discovery Channel will show the amazing expedition with the premiere of the second season of Cooper’s Treasure. So tune in on 22nd of June and be dazzled by what a team of dedicated people and high-quality gear can produce!

Check out where to watch it here!

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