People don’t really need a reason to enjoy the water. But have you ever wondered about our deep connection to the ocean? Oceans are way more than a site of pleasure and relaxation, there is a deeper meaning behind our love and appreciation for the sea. Simply put, water is the most ubiquitous element on Earth and, along with air, the main factor in creating and supporting life.

“When we learn to love something we start to protect it”

Oceans and life evolution

Changes in climate cycles from warm to droughts drove man’s ancestors to search for fields with water sources leading to an evolutionary response making them turn into a human-like species. Ever since humans started exploring, water has been the guiding light, supporting both the discovery of new territories, races as well as the animal evolution like the story of the whales whose ancestors Pakicetus were once land mammals over 40 million years ago. Water is indeed tightly connected to the creation and evolution of life.

Oceans are a lifeline for human survival, in fact, water makes up 72% of the earth’s surface and 70% of our body. Sea plants produce half of the world’s oxygen and help to absorb one-third of human-caused gas emissions. Water plays vital functions in the human body such as digestion, absorption, circulation, the creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and the maintenance of body temperature.

Moreover, oceans regulate earth’s system like the weather and climate that forms clouds that provide us with fresh water. Both, impact our everyday life, they shape our vegetation and soil, and define what food supplies grow as well as supply living and nonliving resources-minerals to renewable energy and marine biotechnology to support life as we know it.

Human-ocean connection

Living near or having close contact with the sea improves the mental, emotional and psychological well-being. Oceans are a powerful source of energy that enables humans to disconnect from the hyperstimulated modern life, in this way we enter into a meditative state that renews the brain and body in order to feel refreshed, calmed, satisfied and present at the moment.

Besides, salt water has many health benefits as it enhances the immune system, boost circulation and hydrates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles and helping to reduce insomnia.

Nowadays technology is an integral part of life but there is still a lack of knowledge and activism regarding environmental issues. The Paralenz team believes in commitment, therefore, we have combined the two for the benefit of raising awareness. We care about the oceans that’s why we have created the first underwater camera that allows everyone from children to professional divers to enjoy the immeasurable beauty of this powerful force of nature and so we can all start protecting it and giving anybody the chance to explore its magical underwater world.

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