Here is another story straight from one of our diver ambassadors, giving a review on the Paralenz Dive Camera and the journey they are on now.

The man behind the camera

My name is David Diley and I am a Film-Maker, Underwater Cinematographer and Digital Colourist from the UK.

DAVID DILEY diver and photographer

David Diley “My favourite thing in the world is telling engaging stories about the underwater world and inspiring people who have never thought about diving to get out there and give it a go. When people see the amazing wealth of marine life in different parts of the world, they begin to care about its well-being and I feel privileged to be in a position where I can perhaps play a small role in helping make the world a better place.”

I travel around the world a lot, so I get to not only see and capture amazing wildlife and people on camera, but also experience cultures I may otherwise never have got the chance to. I’ve seen some incredible things underwater in my time and this is I think the greatest privilege of all, to be a part of nature, witnessing animals interact with each other in ways that some people may find hard to believe.

I am currently working on the sequel to Of Shark and Man, launching a YouTube channel featuring reviews, behind the scenes films and tutorials and preparing for underwater shoots in The Middle East and Egypt, all the while hoping I can spend as much time underwater as possible.

Diver and movie-maker

I’m best known for my feature documentary, Of Shark and Man, a film about the world’s biggest Bull Sharks and the incredible story of Shark Reef in Fiji. The film took five years to complete and has since gained international distribution winning multiple awards along the way.

Of Shark and Man launched my career in something I have always wanted to do so now I am a full-time Film-Maker and freelance Cinematographer and Colourist working on a diverse range of projects whilst also running Underwater Film-Maker workshops. The best thing about what I do is my life is never dull, I could be filming Mobular Rays in The Azores or Tiger Sharks in The Bahamas, then returning home to work as a Colourist on a TV movie for a large American broadcaster.

The variety always keeps things interesting! I’ve produced content for clients as diverse as Lifetime TV, SKY TV, Apeks, Aqualung, Tourism Fiji and The Northern Ballet Company so I have been lucky enough to meet lots of interesting people in different industries. I love it!

Find out more about the projects on Scarlet View Media.

A bit about the Paralenz Dive Camera

Having just received my Paralenz Dive camera, upon the first inspection I can say that I’m impressed. The build quality is excellent and I think the aquadynamic shape will really benefit the camera’s performance underwater.

Something which has really impressed me from the get-go is the ease of set up. The menu is easily accessible, easy to read, simple to navigate and the one push-button operation makes it very straightforward to use. I also think the vibration when an option is selected, the camera is turned on etc is a very, very good idea.

I can’t wait to get the camera into the field for use on a shoot and I look forward to discussing my thoughts on the camera in detail in a two-part review on my YouTube channel.


David Diley is a Paralenz Ambassador – he will be using the Paralenz Dive Camera for his work, including the sequel of his award-winning movie Of Shark and Man 2. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting blog series from behind the scenes of this beautiful production.

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