The diving community is incredible, and it keeps growing and growing. With that in mind, Paralenz is doing everything in their power to give each any anyone of you divers the chance and opportunity to hold the camera, inspect it, try it out and hopefully, buy it!

Finding the map

We have been asked on different social media platforms if there is a place or a store that sells the camera or has it on display in different countries and regions. Since the question is quite common, we have decided to make this post and give you an overview of where you can find a reseller or a community that has the camera in your country or region.

On the bottom of the page, in the first menu column on the right, the second option is the Store Locator. That will redirect you to the page with the map with all the stores that have the camera in the shop and all the resorts or diving locations that have it part of their gear.

The map with locations of Paralenz Dive Camera resellers

Detailed list

In case the map looks too crowded, you have to chance to browse through a detailed list of locations all around the world.

After the map, you have the possibility to browse through a detailed list of locations all around the world, offering the name, physical address and website of the store.

No shops in your area?

In case there is no reseller or location that has the camera in your area, there are few possibilities for you.

First one would be to ask any diving equipment stores or scuba resorts in your area to contact us by filling the reseller application here and we will contact them as soon as possible.

The second option would be to join our Paralenz World Facebook Group and see if there is any Paralenz user in your area that is willing to give you the chance to feel the camera and play a bit with it.