Clean wetsuit – the first step. Same as the body armor protects a soldier in a battle, the diving gear protects you when going under. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions on how to maintain and properly clean your gear and underwater camera.

Make a good investment

When diving, you are always part of a team, you and your gear. You depend on it as much as you do on your diving skills. No one says that you should go bankrupt when shopping for the gear, but you should try to acquire the best you can reasonably afford so that you won’t find yourself in the need to change it often or to fail during a dive.

It is very important that you get the right equipment for the spot you are going to dive in. A lot of factors come into consideration when choosing the right items for the dive. For example, depending on the temperature of the water, the wetsuit must have the right thickness so that you will not be cold and you will be able to enjoy the entire dive,

Proper maintenance

Diving accessories can reach high prices, therefore you want to make sure that your gear is properly taken care of. Periodically check the regulators and BC’s and have them serviced annually by professionals! (you don’t want to end up having leaks or gear failing after you started diving).

The most important pieces of equipment that should be serviced only by professionals are the dive computers, air gauges and if there is one, your underwater dive camera.

Clean wetsuit and gear after each dive

Salty water over a long period of time can be damaging to your expensive products. The salt when it dries can make screwing and unscrew pieces rather difficult and it can also corrode some of the materials.

The best solution to prolonging their life is to always soak them in warm fresh water and rinse them if necessary. This way all the salt and organic materials are cleaned off and you are ready for another dive.

NOTE! Never wash the wetsuit in the washing machine. They are not made to be cleaned like that and it is very likely that they will get damaged.

Adequate storage

When going on a dive trip, you have to keep in mind that your equipment will probably require an extra luggage. You have the wetsuit or drysuit (depending on preferences), you have the dive computer, fins, mask, the BCD vest, boots and depending on the type of dive you are performing, few more items.

clean wetsuit is nice


Having your gear in proper condition makes it easier to pack when you want to go for your next dive. Having everything arranged and ready to go makes all the difference. After the suit is cleaned up and dry, try to find a cool dry place preferably out of the sun. Also, a checklist can be helpful to make sure you have everything.

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