No need to tell you how expensive it can be to have an underwater camera, especially if you want to acquire all the extra housing, filters, mounts, extra battery and all the teeny tiny pieces that you need (of course, that is not the case with Paralenz Dive Camera).

So, if you do not want to replace them too often, here are some tips on how to extend your camera’s life.

Always use fresh water

The most accessible way to clean the underwater camera is by using fresh water, better if it is warm. This will dissolve any salt crystals that formed on the housing.

Underwater camera cleaning

If that is not possible, keep it in salt water so it won’t go dry and form salt crystals.

Never fully dismantle the camera

Depending on the area you dive in, the underwater camera doesn’t always need to be fully disassembled. Open the connections to avoid corrosion, remove the lens cap only when it is necessary because the chance of foreign elements getting in and damaging the insides is quite high.

Paralenz underwater camera greasing

The O-rings should be greased before each dive but make sure you do not just keep adding grease, this will build up beneath the O-rings and could cause the camera to leak. Change them only when they need replacement.

No detergent when cleaning

Using any sort of detergent may damage the finish and dissolve the silicone grease from the O-rings, especially around the buttons.

do not use detergent

As mentioned before, you only need fresh warm water to clean them suggested.

The use of silicone grease

Silicon grease is the best way to keep the O-rings glistening and moist.

Paralenz silicon grease

There might be the confusion that the silicone grease is the one that seals the housing, but it is actually the O-rings that do that. Too much silicon grease will attract debris and dirt, that in the end may damage the underwater camera.

No DIY fixes

The cameras are built so that the user can easily take it apart and clean it, but in case there are issues on reassembly or you cannot get it working after cleaning, contact the dealer or manufacturer, they know what they are doing!

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