Ghost fishing is an issue not so many people address and it is harmful to the environment.

The Problem with ghost fishing

“Ghost fishing” is the result of what fishing gear does when it has been abandoned, dumped or lost. Try and imagine a fishing net, long line, fish trap or any man-made object to catch fish that gets stuck on a reef or a wreck and in turn gets separated from the boat.

They are capable of ghost fishing when unattended or lost. Caught fishes die and attract others, creating a vicious circle, from which no one benefits, especially the already depleted commercial fish stocks.

Here is another story from Ghost Fishing in the North Sea. This time they have “cleaned up” the wreck of a British E-class submarine, HMS E36.

The Solution

Typical quote of a Ghost Fishing diver: “There is no such thing as too many lift bags” and indeed, Saturday 07-07-2018 was, again, a perfect example of that.

Since we dived the submarine wreck HMS E36 for the first time and removed a huge pile of ghost nets from the side of the wreck, the team couldn’t stop talking about another huge and partly sanded trawler net on the bow of the submarine. It was clear, that was the next target but we needed good visibility for a mission like this.

Last weekend together with Healthy Seas we had the chance and we headed back to the HMS E36 with the wreck diving charter “Araid Wreckdiving” to get the job done, and with success!

The team successfully removed the whole trawler net from the bow in two dives. We were accompanied by our new team member and promising photographer Gijs Doornbusch.

Check out the photos he made from this mission and feel the excitement we had down there. Check the video of the dive here.

Ghost fishing

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