Choosing a location for a diving expedition can be difficult at some point if you do not know what you want to see or where to see it. The great team at Paralenz decided to offer a helping hand and compile a list of places to go and some idea of what you can see.

Gulf of Mexico

One of the best spots in the world to dive if you want a vast diversity of shipwrecks. Starting from Panhandle, Florida and alongside the Gulf Coast, you can benefit from a mesmerizing view of artificial corals and all types of wrecks from pieces of demolished bridge sections and decommissioned military vehicles to the largest sunken warship in the world, the U.S.S. Oriskany, not to mention the oversized fishes.

Other spots that you can find mesmerizing in the Gulf of Mexico can be Citrus County, a collective of freshwater springs and the home of West Indian Manatee. Flower Garden Banks is the host of two incredible plateaus that are home to more than 20 species of corals and close to 200 species of fish.

Another attraction is the Rig Reefs, a collection of decommissioned oil rigs that are now part of the artificial reef, creating a home for the wildlife, where mother nature was not able.
Gulf of Mexico

Caribbean Sea

There are many islands in the Caribbean Sea, which brings a lot of diving opportunities. One of those is the Great Blue Hole in Belize. With a depth of 143 meters (469 ft.), it is host to a great diversity of sharks, best to be visited between April and June.

Fish Identification in Belize area

Eagle Shoals is another target location for divers from all around the world. The main attraction here is The Cathedral, which is a large underwater cave, shaped as a chamber filled with wildlife in vibrant colors.

Fish Identification in Caribbean

Not to forget about amazing Jamaica. It offers spots such as Surprise Reef, abundant in turtles and parrotfishes. Negril in Montenegro Bay offers the Arches and the Caves that are incredible rock formations visited by rays and sharks, and last but not least, Stingray City that give the diver a chance to see immense groups of stingrays resting on the bottom of the sea.
Fish Identification arround Jamaica

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