Blutopia was one of the first conservation projects we took part in. Since the beginning, Julien made a very good point that at any level, working towards a plastic-free ocean is the only way to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the underwater wanders we do today.  As the summer is ending, Julien Gerbet gave us an update on the project, and here is what he had to say:

What’s new about Blutopia?

It’s been a while since you haven’t heard of Blutopia. For the last two months, we’ve been pretty busy with the diving center. Summertime is a crazy period over here. But don’t worry, we got some big news to tell you.
Are you ready? The Blutopia website is officially online! Check it out and let us know what you think about it. If you want to become an expert on plastic pollution, start by reading one of our first blog posts!

You’re wondering what’s behind the scene at the moment? We are working hard on getting new partnerships for the Blutopia tour. One is official. We will be collaborating with Ca commence par moi to share weekly challenges to get rid of plastics in our daily life.

Besides, the clean-ups we will organize during the Blutopia tour will be held thanks to the support of Surfrider Foundation (beach clean-ups will be organized via the programme Initiatives Océanes) and Project AWARE (underwater clean-ups will be part of the movement Dive Against Debris).

Are you still crazy about Paralenz?

Watch this video and try to guess my thoughts about the Paralenz!

Did you get the Paralenz Dive Camera+?

Yes, I got it recently! Having one Paralenz is good but having two is better! As you might know, I am running Blutopia with Malaury and both of us are divers. She was jealous to not have the best underwater camera. Problem solved.

Is the Paralenz+ worth it?

Here are some pictures of the two cameras. Will you find the differences?

Blutopia and Paralenz

When you look at both cameras, the Paralenz+ looks less shiny. Plus, the selector ring is different. Each part is larger and the logos are in the middle. Plus, it is way smoother to use it. Details make the perfect product, don’t they?

Those are the differences from outside, but what about the inside? First, the Paralenz+  can go deep up to 250 meters deep. Personally, as most of divers, I have never been so deep. Nonetheless, it means that you can dive without worrying about the waterproofness. Plus, the Paralenz+ uses exactly the same software but the new materials are at the top of the range and make it even easier to use. Paralenz made great efforts to make it closer to the perfection

So, according to me, if you haven’t bought your Paralenz yet, go for the Paralenz+. If you already have the Paralenz camera, I am not sure the upgrade is worth it because, in the end, you will get the exact same quality of the image, which is the main criteria for a camera.

How important are the Paralenz cameras for Blutopia?

Paralenz has been the very first company to believe in Blutopia and support the project. It means a lot.
And the good news is that the Paralenz camera keeps us amazed every day. The result is just incredible. We bring the Paralenz to record all of our time spent underwater. As ocean advocates, we always grab the debris that crosses our path.

Thanks to Paralenz, we are able to record our actions and share them with our community. But that’s not all. As managers of a diving center, we meet so many people who come to dive or snorkel with us. Most of them asked to get photos and videos from their experience underwater. So, we had an idea. Whoever requests the footage from the Paralenz is free to give whatever he or she wants. The amount given is a direct donation to Blutopia and will finance the Blutopia tour from January to July next year. By doing so, we realized people can be very generous when it’s for the right cause. During the summer, we have had donations from 10 to 400  euros! It is time to say thank you to all of our big-hearted donors!

Are people receptive to the project?

Yes, definitely. Most people love the project and are happy to see a young couple take action to help save the ocean. I guess that’s why they are so generous. Nonetheless, we have noticed that many of them keep using single-use plastics. Indeed, they are convinced that sorting and recycling waste is the solution. And believe that the plastic straw they put into the plastic bin will be recycled.

Unfortunately, it won’t. Raising awareness and showing that the one and only solution is to cut down on plastics will be the biggest challenge for Blutopia.

The summer season is about to end, what’s next?

End of September, we are going back home. We will be staying in La Rochelle, Malaury ’s hometown, for three months. Until the departure to Myanmar, the first step of the  Blutopia Tour, we will work (a bit) as freelancers and (a lot) for Blutopia. We will be organizing the tour, looking for partners and launch a crowdfunding campaign.
And last but not least, we will spend a week in the Netherlands to meet and interview people making the ocean greener.
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A passion for greener pioneering!


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