Hi guys, it’s me again, Julien from Blutopia. Sardinian time is over. I am back home. Until the start of the Blutopia tour, Malaury and I will be based in La Rochelle, France. What are we going to do during those 3 months? I’ll tell you everything, I promise. No secrets. But before, here is a short movie from our stay in Sardinia. Enjoy!

Are you ready for the Blutopia tour?

Almost! Flight tickets are booked, the first visas have been requested and the itinerary is ready: Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand again, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. The Blutopia tour will be live from January 3 to July 28. We are so impatient to leave that we couldn’t wait another month. Before the departure on January 3, we are starting to take action for the ocean.

Julien from Blutopia


First, end of Octobre, we will meet some ocean heroes in Amsterdam and do our first interviews with the Plastic Soup Foundation, The Great Bubble Barrier and Wasteboards. A few videos will be released beginning of Novembre to show you how those heroes contribute to a cleaner ocean.

Then, as our mission is to rid the ocean of plastics, we must raise awareness about plastic pollution. To do so, we will organize a coastal clean-up in La Rochelle on Novembre 24. You’ll be around? Feel free to join us for our very first event! Last but not least, we believe that educating the youth on what impact plastics have on the ocean and how we can cut down on plastics is crucial to solving the issue. That’s why we will be speaking in front of different high school students. We plan to screen our movies from Amsterdam and animate an interactive workshop to discuss solutions to plastic pollution. 

How will you live for 7 months without any wedge?

To be honest, we have been preparing our wallets and saving money for the past 2 years. For Christmas and birthdays, we always ask our family for equipment that would be useful for the tour (this is how Malaury had her travel backpack and her camera ) or for money.

Last summer, we were working in a diving center. We decided to take photos every time we were going out to sea with divers and snorkelers and to offer them at an open pricing. More than 100 generous donors helped us raise 6,000 euros for the Blutopia tour. And we won’t stop here!

We are planning to launch our crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank very soon. The objective? Raise 4,000 euros to finance the most important costs for the Blutopia tour: transportation. Maybe you don’t want to spend money or you don’t have any money to spend… but don’t run away now, I have something to tell you. We are preparing (really) nice gifts to offer to all people willing to support us.

Here are the awesome organizations collaborating with us on this crowdfunding campaign: Echo-mer, Lamazuna, Soin de soi, ManaMani, KaJiJi, Sea2see, Myboocompany, and BioGo. So, if you want to get sustainable products while helping us reach our ambitious objectives, save the date. Novembre 1st. Unfortunately, we won’t get gifts for everyone, so make sure you will be among the first donors.

How about big corporations?

By now, you might be wondering: what about partnering up with big corporations to get a substantial financial support? Well, with Blutopia, we really want to be independent. We totally refuse to be associated with the big companies that are polluting the ocean. They have money, true. They could help us, true. But would it make sense for an organization willing to move towards a plastic-free ocean to collaborate with the biggest plastic polluters? Definitely not. We prefer to collaborate with small sustainable organizations willing to preserve the ocean like Paralenz, our very first partner.

Talking about collaboration, we are proud to announce new partners for the Blutopia tour: Project AWARE for the underwater clean-ups, SurfriderEUROPE for the coastal clean-ups, Ca commence par moi to challenge the members of our community and help them implement a plastic-free lifestyle, Future of waste and makes sense, to help us reach more people. Of course, the list might become longer and longer: so many organizations already make efforts to save the ocean.

What did you do with the Paralenz? Did you put it in the attic?

No! I am sleeping with it. More seriously, even if I don’t dive in La Rochelle, I am still using my Paralenz. In my bathroom? Not so interesting. I bring it with me during my trips. You might have bought the Paralenz for its underwater features but let me tell you one thing: the Paralenz camera is stunningly awesome above the water too. Here is a sample, straight off from the camera, without any editing.

Personally, for landscapes, I like to use my Paralenz. The wide angle is incredible. You don’t like the fish-eye on the sides? Many applications can take care of it for you! Let me know your thoughts in a comment.

A crucial period for Blutopia

You might have understood it. This is a crucial period for Blutopia. We need you to make the Blutopia tour a success story, to make things change and to save the ocean. Catch the wave and save the date of our crowdfunding campaign: Novembre 5 on KissKissBankBank.

Together for greener shades of blue!

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