Since the beginning, Paralenz had the intention to provide the world of divers with a product that will make their life easier. With the Paralenz Dive Camera, you can auto record, forget about the color filters, mount it anywhere and everywhere, go deeper than with any other camera on the market and let’s not forget about sharing. With the Paralenz Dive App, you get all the extras you need to show your friends the recent underwater memories you made.

The Paralenz World

Here is where Paralenz is stepping up again! After a few months of work, a dedicated team of programmers and a company that has no limits on its vision of the future of diving, a new baby was born: Paralenz World.  Now, your first question probably is: Isn’t that a Facebook Group? 

Well, yes. That is how the concept started. A free platform for every diver to use in order to share diving footage and experiences. But something was missing. Something Facebook could not offer. And let’s be honest, even few minutes of video captured in 4k will require few GB’s of storage space and not everybody has access to that. Especially when you do between 50-100 dives a year, or how some Paralenz users put it: I live underwater.

So what is Paralenz World? It’s a new website where the users of Paralenz Dive Camera, can easily store and organize all their underwater footage. By uploading your dives to the Paralenz World you will get a full overview with a profile over the individual dives and the footage placed where you took it.

And it’s as simple to use as the camera. All you have to do is drag and drop the entire SD-Card into the upload window and it will automatically create your dive profile and place the videos on the specific location on the graph. More than that, each of the dives will contain the entire list of videos, a dive graph where you can see the dive and also acts as progression bar for the video, and what settings you have used.

Like that, you will always know what DCC you have used, the depth where you found that nice fish, time, temperature, resolution, basically everything you need to know in one window. NOTE: For that to be possible, one must upload all the files on the SD-Card, including log files and registries.

The videos will be stored as unlisted on your YouTube account, meaning they will not be shown in public searches. But you can still share them with your friends and family. All you have to do is copy the link and send it to them.

Who can use the platform?

All you need to use this free online dive library is a Paralenz Dive Camera, a Google account and an active YouTube account. Yes, of course, not everybody has a Google account or does not want to bother having one there. BUT, to make these accounts, it does not cost you anything.


Oh yeah, by having that Google account, you will have unlimited storage capability on Paralenz World. No more extra hard drives, thumb drives or SD-Cards stored everywhere, and you will be able to access it anywhere you are, as long as there is an internet connection.

We need you!

Paralenz World is in the beta stage now, so just an infant. As with the testing version of the Paralenz Dive Camera, we need you, the diving community, to help us test it and improve it as times goes by.

The platform was created for you, the users. That is why we need all the Paralenz divers out there to start using it so that it can be optimized and that it can be constantly updated. So, the next time you are out diving, remember to log in to Paralenz World and upload your files.