The Paralenz World – Store your footage in three easy steps

So what is Paralenz World? It’s a new website where you can easily store and organise all of your underwater footage. By uploading your dives to the Paralenz World you will get a full overview with a profile over the individual dives and the footage placed on the dive profile where you took it.

All you have to go do is go to the Paralenz World website, press the upload button in the upper right corner and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once the files are uploaded the platform will create a “Folder” for each dive dive profile for each dive contain the entire list of videos, a dive profile that acts as progression bar for the video, and what settings you have used. You will now always know what DCC you have used, the depth, time, temperature, resolution, basically everything you need to know in one window.

NOTE: You will need to drag and drop the entire SD-Card folder into the upload window.

The videos will be stored as unlisted on your YouTube account, meaning they will not be shown in public searches. But you can still share them with your friends and family. All you have to do is copy the link and send it to them.

We need you!

Paralenz World is in the beta stage now, so just an infant. As with the testing version of the Paralenz Dive Camera, we need you, the diving community, to help us test it and improve it as times goes by.

The platform was created for you, the users. That is why we need all the Paralenz divers out there to start using it so that it can be optimized and that it can be constantly updated. So, the next time you are out diving, remember to log in to Paralenz World and upload your files.