If diving is your favourite sport then you will definitely have problems finding it on TV. There are so many sports channels, but none of them has enough diving to satisfy your needs. But this is about to change.

Diluvio Studios, in collaboration with Utila Dive Center in Honduras and with the support of the Paralenz Dive Cameras, is launching Master Diver, a challenge based diving TV show. We had a short interview with Carlos Valle, the head of production and development at Diluvio Studios, in order to offer our readers all the information about the show.

What is Master Diver?

Master Diver is a challenge based, reality tv show where thirty-two international divers compete for the chance at ten thousand dollars. If selected you will receive a free round trip to Utila Honduras, a free hotel stay, and an unforgettable experience. Our casting is currently open WORLDWIDE until December 20. So if you enjoy the sport of SCUBA diving apply today!

Who can apply?

There are few requirements in order to join the competition. The Master Diver competition is opened for any English speaking scuba diver that is at least 18 years old, has an experience of 40 to 100 dives and must be available at least one week in the first quarter of the year 2019. Besides that, the competitor must agree upon taking a physical test before competing and signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Any submission required?

To enter the competition, you are asked to make a 2-3 minutes video about yourself. The video can contain anything you want and some good talking points can be: Who are you? What defines you as a person? How has diving impacted your life? What are your dreams and ambitions? What are your fears? Why do you deserve to win?

These are just a few suggestions. The video should be sent to contact@diluviostudios.com. In the email, you are required to use the following format: Name, Age, Location, Number of Dives, Link to unlisted YouTube video.

What would the challenges be?

We are currently working on these. Our challenges have to be approved by a safety officer and by the insurance company. For production aspects, we are trying to keep our challenges top secret as any leakage of them could give extra preparation time to possible competitors.

I can tell you that we are to stay within recreational diving limits and as an extra precaution, on this season of the show, we are not going deeper than 12m. Participants will also be facing challenges that are related to diving but take place outside of the water.

Will it involve multiple types of diving?

Yes, we will be diving to do a mock of the entire challenges from late January to mid-March. And we will be executing the challenges from principal photography from Late March to Early May. Another important timeline is in regards to casting.

We are currently in casting and will be throughout December 20th, 2018. We will be contacting participant Early January to confirm availability and announce the participants Mid-January.

Do the contestants need to bring their own equipment?

For Master Diver, we are trying to lock down a company that would be interested in doing a marketing deal for product placement where the participants who want can wear the gear as OFFICIAL partners and BRAND of the show. But, if a contestant wants to wear their own gear for safety and familiarity, we couldn’t enforce it as their safety could be at risk.

One thing they can be certain of. Thanks to Paralenz, every contestant will have the opportunity to wear a Paralenz Dive Camera throughout the competition!


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