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  • “Super happy with this product. The [image] quality is great, with the DCC mode adjusting the white balance and colours automatically allows to make wonderful 4K videos and take high quality photos.The Paralenz camera is our favorite underwater innovation for 2017!”
    Spot My Dive
    Lukas & Lou,
  • “The Paralenz Dive has a highly sensitive and much larger sensor than other action cameras on the market. You get clear recordings and the image quality is significantly better... It really has become a must have for all divers who want to record their under water experience.”
    Robert de Kinkelder,
  • “Overall this is a great little video camera for divers wanting a durable, user-friendly hands-free 4K system to record their dives easily and reliably.”
    Dive Pacific
    Dave Abbott,
  • The results of the footage was outstanding. All in all, this is a great diving adventure camera designed by divers, for divers. Easy to use, strong, versatile, and small enough to forget about all the additional baggage when you go away. 
    Dive Magazine
    Andy Harris & Ian Herbert,
  • “The Paralenz performs well and I suspect will fit the bill for most users, with build quality to suggest it can survive even in harsh conditions. Rating: 9/10
    Diver Net
    Mike Ward,


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