18 months from idea to reality

With passionate divers within the team of award winning designers constantly looking for a better solution, an idea from a napkin quickly turns into concepts. However experience meant that they had to do one thing in order to get what users really wanted and find out what divers really need.



Designed for divers by divers

Award winning product design doesn't come from computer generated items - it comes from reaching out and embracing the needs and wants of the final users. Step in 250 carefully selected Alpha and thousands of Beta testers from around the world to help shape, mould and guide the product from initial concept drawings into reality.

Late 2015

The team become curious about why there was no specific Action Camera made for divers. With every product seemingly only made to be underwater an after-thought, with clumsy housing and filters to get some of the correct colors. An idea was born...

Q1 2016

Development of a POV Action Camera made for specifically for divers conceptualised and gathered very early feedback from the local Danish dive community.

Month 1: March 2016

Initial product and concepts finalised

Month 2: April 2016

Testing cameras and accessory prototypes prior to campaign.


Month 3: May 2016

Preparation for crowd-funding campaigns in order to gauge mass market user feedback.

Month 4: June 2016

Preparation for crowd-funding campaigns in order to gauge mass market user feedback.

Month 5: July 2016

Kickstarter - $300.000 USD in 10 days - over 600% funded in total. During the campaign more than 10 new features were requested from over 1250 backers.

Month 6: August 2016

Opened office in Shenzhen, China for manufacturing and development

Month 7: September 2016

Final designs completed and parts sourced from 17 suppliers from 8 different countries.

Month 8: October 2016

Tooling of the moulds for mass production complete.

Month 9: November 2016

Initial mass manufacturing production commenced

Month 10: December 2016

Initial A-tester units shipped for alpha testing on build quality.

Month 11: January 2017

Feedback and improvements from initial production units

Month 12: February 2017

Upgraded design from initial testing, review and feedback

Month 13: March 2017

15 upgrades and improvements made from the initial feedback

Month 14: April 2017

Secondary units shipped to Alpha-testers and Beta testers

Month 15: May 2017

Final components sourced for initial mass manufacturing production

Month 16: June 2017

Final FCC approval for all upgrades and production: Hardware complete!

Month 17: July 2017

Initial software developments on extended features created throughout the testing phase

Month 18: August 2017

Mass manufacturing production operation complete with units shipped to over 1250 backers from 72 countries with currently over 3000 units shipped to divers around the world and counting...

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