Paralenz® Ambassador Affliate Program

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Become an official ambassador for the most innovative Action Camera for the dive market.

The Paralenz Dive Camera is the best POV Action Camera for use underwater. From innovative features such as automated digital color correction to do away with all of the external filters, and optional subtitles that display the depth and temperature - not to mention going x4 deeper than any other camera - all without additional housing, makes it the perfect dive companion for those that care.

The way that the system works by wirelessly transferring entire specific dive content to a mobile device via the Paralenz App, means that the Paralenz Dive can be used as the perfect camera to rent out to your customers and charged on a per dive / day basis. In addition to becoming an official Paralenz ambassador, you’ll be able to make additional revenue through sales whilst we handle all the logistics from drop shipping through to returns and support - all you do is continue with what you do best: we’ll deal with the rest.


As a key brand ambassador, you’ll act as a direct sales representative for Paralenz, selling products directly to customers. As an official ambassador, you have the opportunity to purchase a Paralenz Dive set at a significant discount from the retail price and earn a commission on every sale made by every customer referred - now, and in the future.


In order to be eligible for the Paralenz ambassador program, you must be:

> Employed as an instructor or guide teaching scuba divers or freedivers on a regular basis, employee of a dive store, working on a freelance basis or are a self-employed dive professional.


> Have an active professional-level certification qualification


Get started easily
No sign on fees or membership costs. You’re eligible for ambassador pricing as soon as you’re approved, means that you get the best rates instantly.

Keep doing what you’re doing
As a dive professional, you already have a large network of students, colleagues and friends that dive. All you have to do is provide your referral code or coupon to a customer, and we do everything else.

Earn extra income
Take advantage of the great rates for Ambassadors on every sale made. Earnings grow according to the time and effort you invest, but being connected throughout the local and regional diving network means that you’ll be able to see results quickly.

World class support through the entire process
In the ambassador pack we’ll provide you with marketing materials such as information sheets and brochures to inform potential customers about all the features of Paralenz. Our dedicated sales team are available for any questions you have about the camera and you’ll get a full overview of your sales and referrals with a complete dashboard.

No inventory / stock required
In addition to handling all of the logistics from the shipping, returns and customer support you also are not required to have any items on stock. You’re welcome to have your own stock on hand if you would like to instantly make sales in cash, but not required.


Become a Paralenz® Ambassador

download instructions

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