Every Dive Counts: Paralenz is evolving, so you can dive with impact


In mid-November, Paralenz will relaunch with a new visual identity and announce a row of partnerships with ocean conservation organizations. 

Updating our visual identity enables us to communicate the aspects which have always been at the core of Paralenz: our dedication to the Ocean, our passion for diving, and our belief in the power of collaboration. This is lead by our vision, freshly refined, and put right at the core of our business. 

“to empower divers around the globe to help reverse the steep decline of life beneath the surface.”

Say hello to our new visual identity.

Together with our friends at everland, we developed a new visual identity. We have evolved from our beloved octopus Logo to a versatile logo that reflects the core of Paralenz, more distinctly and boldly.

As we evolve as a company and improve our camera, launch new products, and rethink our role in the world of diving – our brand needs to help us communicate and facilitate that journey. With a strong focus on the harmony of the diving experience and an increased importance of sharing dives for a greater good, our new identity is one of several initiatives that will help Paralenz become even better. 

Did you know, about 80% of the world’s life is under the water? For too long, our focus has been on everything above it — the concrete and the seen. Until now. As divers and Ocean lovers, our world begins below the surface. We want to challenge and shift the world’s focus on the above. That’s why our logo’s upper half – the above – is shown blurry and intangible, while the lower half – the below – is shown clear and concrete. 

PS: Have you noticed something hidden in our logo? No? Look closer; it’s worthwhale 😉

Introducing “TheOceanBase”

Paralenz is all about capturing and sharing amazing diving experiences. Our camera is central to this, but we have also been working on more ways to make diving more meaningful. We will soon introduce TheOceanBase, which will be launched within our app, and will help divers around the world map dive sites and log their experiences.

As we grow as a company, we believe our new brand identity will help us on the journey towards more meaningful diving.

All partnered up for impact

From mid-November, every time you dive with your Paralenz camera and share your dives on “TheOceanBase”, you can help our partners to build the knowledge needed to help save our playground – the Ocean.

The location, depth, and temperature data from your dives is of great value to marine scientists and ocean conservation organizations, and so is the awareness you create by sharing inspiring underwater footage with others. 

We’re proud to announce new partnerships set with organizations such as The Reef-World Foundation – which coordinates the Green Fins Initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Programme –, Nekton, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Save the Med Foundation, Beneath the Waves, Major Projects Foundation, The Vortex Swim, Arizona State University, Project Baseline, and National Marine Sanctuaries

How did we get here?

Paralenz started with a mission to make every diver “share the deep”. We did so by producing an underwater camera so simple that any diver could use it, and still keep the focus on their dive. 

As a brand and community so profoundly connected to the Ocean, we can’t ignore the current challenges our playground is facing.

Change is inevitable, and change should happen for a good reason. We view ourselves as an Ocean company and want to make an impact on its wellbeing – together with our users and our partners.

From our own experience and history, we know: any real change is a collective effort. It is driven by the power of the crowd. Because what we cannot achieve alone, we can with others. And when everyone does a little, it all of a sudden becomes a lot.

Our Brand Manifesto

“It’s about time to explore differently.

To make it less about your performance and more about our shared experience. To explore without distractions, but with ease and simplicity. And to replace short-lived action and adrenaline with harmony and impact.

From developing our products and engaging with our community, we want to confront environmental indifference and inspire people to speak for the Ocean – as a seamless part of the dive. To pursue a sense of freedom and share the great underneath in a responsible and truthful way.

Now is the time to preserve our playground. Join the next generation of divers in reenvisioning diving as an act of meaningfulness.

Every Dive Counts.”

Bonus: Jacob’s thoughts on our new logo

We know that our old octopus logo has gathered quite a fanbase. Jacob, our Partnership Manager, even had a tattoo done with our old logo. 

“When I look at our new logo, I see a new and exciting chapter unfolding for Paralenz. The fact that I have the “vintage” logo imprinted on my arm forever will of course always remind us where we come from. And no, I’m not getting a new tattoo ;)”


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