Introducing our new camera: Paralenz Vaquita

January 22, 2020Paralenz Vaquita and App

We are starting a new chapter of the Paralenz story. The Paralenz Vaquita adds more meaning to your dive. Seamlessly turn into a citizen scientist and help marine conservation efforts every time you jump into the water.

“Paralenz Vaquita” is our latest piece of tech to truly speak for the Ocean – thanks to major upgrades including a broader range of sensors for marine data collection and improved connectivity to the Paralenz app.

Paralenz Vaquita

Among our Paralenz cameras, the Vaquita poses as the older sibling; more rugged, powerful, and with a lot more to say. Get ready for a striking processor upgrade delivering smoother and higher quality footage up to 4K (60fps), a more effective image stabilization, as well as a brand new True Color OLED display that can show you a live viewfinder and a real-time dive overlay while you dive.

Featuring a True Color OLED Display for a live viewfinder and real-time diver overlay during your dive.

As our Paralenz Dive Camera+, the Vaquita is also equipped with depth and temperature sensors. To make the Vaquita even more fluent in “Ocean”, we installed conductivity and location (GPS) sensors. With this setup, the Vaquita acts as a mini CTD instrument and delivers far more comprehensive data collection to document the condition of the Ocean during your dive.

The GPS sensor allows divers to share their favorite footage as pins on the map in the free Paralenz app. With the Paralenz app, you can look for inspiration and research your future dive trips, and get a clear overview of where you have been and where you want to dive next. When sharing your footage through the app, you automatically contribute to create a baseline of ocean knowledge for marine scientists worldwide – without lifting a finger.

Explore the map function on our Paralenz app and put your pin!

To sum it up – what’s new?

  • True Color OLED Display and live viewfinder.
  • Automatically georeferenced footage.
  • Better quality videos with higher frame rates.
  • More colors and much smaller file sizes.
  • Great image stabilization – even in 4K.
  • A more comprehensive range of sensors.
  • Improved Connectivity to the Paralenz app.
  • More data collected for our Ocean conservation partners.

Why “Vaquita”?

As an Ocean company, Paralenz feels obligated to educate and inspire, which is why we chose to integrate the mission of Ocean regeneration into the name of our upcoming camera. 

According to ICUN, the Vaquita Whale is a critically endangered marine species with less than 19 in existence. Their sad story raises awareness about how human interests impact the livelihood of entire species, wiping them out entirely for profit. The Vaquita is a tribute to the ones that remain.

Together we can make a difference, and little by little, a little becomes a lot.

The Paralenz Vaquita is expected to be available this Spring 2020. Sign up to our waiting list to receive news about the Vaquita camera.


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