Paralenz is Turning Black to Blue. But Why?

We’re turning this year’s Black Friday into Blue Friday.

We call it Blue Friday for a reason. While you will still enjoy a fantastic deal on our Paralenz Dive Camera+ – starting Nov 29th and saving you $150 –, we give it an ocean-conscious twist:

For every camera sold during the Blue Friday weekend (Nov 29th – Dec 1st), we will donate $50 to Green Fins: a sustainable diving initiative spearheaded by The Reef-World Foundation in partnership with the UN Environment Programme.

What is the Green Fins Initiative?

Green Fins is a unique conservation management approach that unites governments, the diving and snorkeling industry, and communities to protect coral reefs.

Save our Reefs

The initiative provides the only internationally recognized environmental standards for the scuba diving and snorkeling industry. It helps marine tourism operators reduce direct environmental impacts from bad practices like anchoring, direct diver/snorkeller damage to corals, single-use plastic, or harmful chemical cleaning products.

It does this by:

  • Building the capacity of government staff and providing them with a proven and replicable approach to address marine tourism impacts
  • Assessing, certifying and training marine tourism operators – encouraging and empowering members of the dive industry to take action and reduce the pressures on coral reefs.
  • Strengthening industry best practice and relevant legislation to support sustainable marine tourism
Reef-World’s Green Fins initiative helps dive and snorkel operators reduce their environmental impact

Green Fins is a proven approach. Since its inception in 2004, it has had a tangible impact on the protection of our precious coral reefs across 11 countries. Most notably, the program has resulted in a 37% average reduction in direct tourism threats to coral reefs globally/ across 56 diving hotspots across the world. Annually, ~2000 marine tourism staff are trained to be more sustainable, and ~110,000 tourists are reached through Green Fins members and materials to learn about sustainable diving.

Why are coral reefs so important for us?

Coral reefs are vital to the health of our oceans – they act as the building blocks for the entire underwater ecosystem by providing food and shelter for fish and other marine animals. Today, they are facing threats from global issues including overfishing, pollution and most of all the effects of climate change, such as rising sea temperatures (often leading to coral bleaching).

Coral Reef Ecosystem

Yet, coral reefs are remarkably resilient; by removing direct threats – such as those posed by marine tourism – we can help make reefs healthier and better able to survive future coral bleaching events.

How can you and your Paralenz contribute to the wellbeing of our Oceans?

Paralenz is all about capturing and sharing amazing diving experiences. Our camera is central to this, but we have also been working on more ways to make diving more meaningful.

The location, depth, and temperature data from your dives is of great value to marine scientists and ocean conservation organizations, and so is the awareness you create by sharing inspiring underwater footage with others.

The sensors in the Paralenz Dive Camera can collect this data. This means; every time you dive with your Paralenz camera and share your dives on “TheOceanBase”, you can help our partners – such as The Reef-World Foundation – to build the knowledge needed to help save our playground – the Ocean.

“TheOceanBase” will be introduced and launched within our app soon, and will help divers around the world map dive sites and log their experiences.


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