The Paralenz App now hosts an interactive Ocean map for collaborative exploration

February 7, 2020Paralenz Vaquita and App

“TheOceanBase” is a new map feature in the Paralenz app. It offers you a clear visual overview of where you have been diving – and where you want to dive next. Upload your dive highlights as pins on the map, get inspired, and inspire others. With every dive you upload, you automatically share Ocean data to marine conservationists and scientists worldwide. We believe: every diver is an explorer and every dive counts!

Space, the final frontier?

The golden age of exploration has long past. Every corner of the Earth has been discovered and meticulously mapped; first by the likes of fearless (and often reckless) explorers like Marco Polo or Ferdinand Magellan, and now by observing satellites and Google cars. Our job on Earth is done. A new age of exploration can only lead us further out into space.

Not really.

We might have explored the landmasses on Earth. The Ocean, however, covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface – and around 80% remains unexplored and unmapped. We know very little about the ocean and this has to change.

Enter TheOceanBase.

TheOceanBase is a map waiting to be explored

If you own a Paralenz camera and have downloaded our free Paralenz app, you might have already stumbled across the new “Explore” function.

The various yellow pins you see on the world map represent “stories” you can click on. A story is a short snippet of a recorded dive, uploaded by a fellow diver. Every time you upload a story, you are setting a pin on TheOceanBase, and allowing other divers to check out the spot you just explored.

This makes TheOceanBase a unique place to get inspired and inspire others. You never know where your next diving adventure might take you. 

Despite how deep some of your dives might reach, this actually only scratches the surface of your contribution. The Paralenz DiveCamera+ and the upcoming Paralenz Vaquita automatically collect valuable marine data while you’re out exploring and recording. While the DiveCamera+ features built-in sensors that record the depth and temperature of the water, Vaquita adds a salinity sensor as well as automatic geo-referencing with GPS.  

When you share your dive footage to the map you can, therefore, also share the connected marine data (only the data, this doesn’t include your recorded footage) with our partnering conservation organizations – turning you from a regular diver to a citizen scientist and explorer.

Paralenz App Discover Function

Every Dive Counts

A stream of reliable and continuous data is one of the most crucial aspects of marine research. The more data marine scientists are able to gather, the more insights can be gained. 

These insights can be used to establish the baseline information needed to better understand environmental change, fillings vacant gaps in the pool of ocean knowledge, and establish more accurate foresight about future conditions. 

To make your dives work for healthier and more resilient Oceans, we are constantly seeking new partnerships worldwide. At this moment we’re working with NOAA, The Reef-World Foundation, and Project Baseline (just to name a few).

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