v1.4.5 Firmware Update


Time for a new update. As always, we keep developing and improving the camera’s firmware to make it run as smoothly as possible.

So what’s new in v1.4.5?

This time around it is mostly bug fixes. But we did add some more stuff and changed some bits around:

– Minor bug fixes with the Auto WB to overcome the issues with overexposure.

– Minor bug fixes with the EIS to ensure a more stable image.

– Optimized code.


We strongly recommend that you ALWAYS check for an update before you go diving.

Just as you would go through the rest of your dive gear and run a check, we recommend for you to treat your Paralenz® Dive in the same way. Taking special care in ensuring that moving elements such as the trigger and menu selector rings function properly and that your o-rings are lightly greased at all times to ensure total water protection all the way down to 200m / 656ft.

The latest firmware can always be found at www.paralenz.com/firmware

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