Voici Bernadette – A new home for life under water


Artificial reefs play an important part in keeping our oceans alive and thriving, and thanks to St. Lucie County, Voici Bernadette is the newest reef deployed off the coast of Fort Pierce in Florida.

The location was named Curtis Bostick Artificial Reef to show gratitude to the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) for their amazing donation.

What is the Voici Bernadette?

Voici Bernadette is a 55-meter long vessel that was used to transport narcotics into the USA. After the ship was seized by the Border Protection Agency in Miami and the U.S. Customs, it was donated to St. Lucie County’s artificial reef program.

After a thorough inspection, cleaning and preparation, Voici Bernadette was scuttled at a depth of 30 meters on June 23rd 2019. The vessel will serve as a new habitat for different species of fishes and corals, and it will become a new spot for any type of diver that is allowed to go that deep.

Thanks to some dedicated divers from SDI, we are able to share with you a first-person view of the sinking event, recorded on 4 Paralenz Dive Cameras.

The official GPS coordinates for the site are:

  • Bow coordinates – 80*02.970′, 27*23.865′
  • Wheelhouse coordinates – 80*02.985′ 27*23.870′

Now it’s time for you to get your Paralenz Dive Camera ready and bring back to the world the beauty that comes along with the creation of a new reef.

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