We are featured on CNN! Paralenz Cameras used to research the everyday life of endangered sea turtles

Watch our Paralenz DiveCamera+ in action in a new video by “Great Big Story”, a global media outlet launched by CNN. Follow the team around marine biologist Nathan Robinson using multiple Paralenz cameras to capture first-person footage of the endangered green sea turtles’ daily lives. This footage can reveal valuable insights about the species’ optimal living environments.

When marine biologist and Paralenz Ambassador Nathan Robinson removed an entire plastic straw out of a sea turtle’s nostrils in 2015, that video became a worldwide viral sensation with over 60 million views. It started a whole movement to ban plastic straws, with – most notably – Starbuck announcing to phase out plastic straws in an immediate response.

Four years later, Nathan and his team are studying the endangered green sea turtles off the coast of the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. 

Their goal is to figure out which areas need to be protected to ensure healthy sea turtle populations in the future. This can be determined by getting a detailed look into the turtles’ everyday behaviors, movements, and interactions within its environment. 

Hereby, the team mounts a “TurtleCam” – a Paralenz DiveCamera+ – to the turtle’s back. So far, they have already captured more than 200h of footage.

Paralenz Dive Camera+
Sea Turtle swimming with a Paralenz Dive Camera
In action – mounted on the back of a sea turtle.

“We have all these initiatives around the world to try and protect marine areas. But if we don’t know which areas to protect or what are the most efficient areas to protect, we won’t be able to make good decisions. And that’s the kind of data we can get out of the TurtleCam footage.”

Nathan stresses the importance of telling engaging stories to a global audience. People need to get excited about these animals to enact real global change – just like he managed 4 years ago.

Watch the full video:


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