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Less than 10% of the Ocean has been explored by humans. Posting your stories on TheOceanBase will inspire other divers and serve as a baseline for conservation organizations to learn more about the Ocean.

2.0 Edit & Share

Better Together.

Unlock your camera's full potential with the Paralenz App. Our intelligent dive log and media library organizes all your footage neatly — and ready for final touches through our intuitive editing tool.

Capture, Edit, and Share

Bring your dive highlights to life with our intuitive editing tool. Share them as stories on TheOceanBase to inspire other divers and create awareness for the Ocean.

A Byte of the Ocean

The dive log tracks location and shows real-time depth and temperature. This data helps you to learn more about your dive and researchers to learn more about the Ocean.

Unlock the Full Potential

Download the Paralenz App for free to unlock your camera’s full potential. Gain access to a unique dive log and media library with intuitive editing functions, and speak for the Ocean with TheOceanBase.

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3.0 Get Involved

Every dive counts.

Each time you share stories of your dive through the Paralenz app, you share the condition of the Ocean at the exact time and place of the dive, while helping to establish a baseline for marine conservation. Put your dive on the map and provide valuable information for fellow divers, ocean conservationists, and generations to come.

Dives shared on TheOceanBase.

The 4k capability is amazing; the color correction that Paralenz has mastered, and the light sensitivity the camera has are second to none. All our GoPros are now collecting dust.

Brad Robertson
Dive Inst. and Co-founder of Save The Med Foundation

The Paralenz cameras were easy to use in a wide range of applications. For Paralenz to offer the use of their camera equipment was vital to the success of the mission, and we are massively grateful for their support.

Sam Craven
Programmes Manager at Reef-World

Paralenz’s camera will help divers contribute to conservation by easily collecting useful metrics, to aid our collective understanding of the marine environment. We’re proud to be working with Paralenz to raise awareness of how people can help protect our Ocean.

Oliver Steeds
Founder and Mission Director of Nekton Ocean Research Institute
4.0 Partnership

Your stories have an impact

We are constantly building meaningful partnerships to enable your dive data to work for the preservation of our Ocean. Read about our partners and their projects.

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