The Paralenz Dive Camera story – made for divers by divers

Making great ideas come true! That is what the team behind Paralenz has done for more than 15 years. We have developed, engineered, tested, and prototyped products for hundreds of clients in Denmark, and abroad.

To make a great product, the users of the product must be involved in every step of the way and from the very beginning. To make a mailbox, we turn to the mailman for knowledge and know-how – if we want to make toys, we involve our kids in the process. We do this before pen has even been put to paper, and in every project.

Martin Holmberg, partner and co-founder of MOEF, loves diving. After months of him mentioning the need for a quality dive camera made for a single purpose, we caved in for his passion and knowledge and decided to research the market.

We began our work by talking to divers, instructors, and dive shops; we interviewed them about their experiences with existing action cameras and what they wanted in a diving camera. We used this knowledge in polls we posted in divers’ forums, and slowly we began to assemble the overall needs of the potential users. Then, we started the actual engineering and development of the camera.

Following six months of engineering and testing, we got even more divers involved. The divers chose their favorite size of the camera, the different head mounts and the 3rd person viewer. Our design of the buttons and features were tested and we got feedback on all functions and specifications. Alongside the development phase, we looked for the right manufacturers and suppliers abroad.

We followed that with arranging project financing and several meetings with potential investors and our bank prior to our crowdfunding campaign. We went on Kickstarter and merged the great support from the diver community in the design phase with the interest of funding.

The response was overwhelming! In merely ten hours, we met our goal of raising 80,000 USD (app. 77.000 Euros). Furthermore, our 200 testers from 33 countries stepped up to help us test and develop the Paralenz Dive Camera.

Getting a camera tested in such diverse conditions is amazing; Finland to South Africa from Canada to Brazil and from New Zealand to Japan – divers will test the first edition of the camera prior to sale.