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Asia and Australia orders.
We ship from three different warehouses all handled by the same fulfillment company. Despite daily phone calls and Emails it has taken ages for the warehouse in Auckland to get moving. They finally got the cameras stocked today, and we are now processing the orders. Within three days they should all be out the door and you will get an Email with a tracking number when they leave.
We have had some addresses that the couriers would not accept, this will probably also be the case here. So If you receive an email saying the order has been returned, it has to do with the address and we will contact you to change it so it can be shipped.
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I'm in Colombia, still don't have my camera, even USPS don't answer me

Woo hoo

Can you advise who distributors in Auckland are? I have received " Order Confirmation Documents" from an Unknown Auckland Co.

Seriously, your logistics management team need to put EXTRA pressure on the NZ fulfillment team or their top management.Their EU and USA team has been working professionally while this team down under has been slacking 1st with customs, now either shorthanded with handling the stocks and systems or just plain lazy.Till now we have yet to receive any status updates (email) about when we are going to receive the rewards.Please guys, the backers from the Asia pacific regions are being treated unfairly... all because of a fulfillment team with sub-standard working attitude. Sad...

7 days ago


Hey everybody!!

It is a true pleasure to announce that the cameras are in stock!!! - www.paralenz.com

It is a very limited amount!!!

Those of you who have already ordered, many of you a long time ago, we truly appreciate you hanging in!!!

Your orders will be shipped within 5-10 business days!
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Andree Mailloux !

5-10 days. What about clearing customs etc... I am a backer and still haven't got mine yet in New Zealand as we are waiting for customs to release them.

Got mine yesterday in Atlanta GA!

I only discovered you last week, so will be right at the bottom of the list! Fingers crossed that it'll make it to Basel in time for my trip on Oct 3...

Received mine yesterday and can't wait to get in the water!


only wish the application worked as well as the camera did

I am very happy of this good news but I would like to know if my order EU 1103 is going to arrive at my home soon. Best regards, M Dabbene

I got mine on Monday, will test it soon

What is this Buddy???

If I need to change my address, given that I moved, how would I go about doing that?

Hi, diving in tulum, for two weeks, I'd have loved to have had mine in time, but as an artisan, I work hard to be timely, but my emphasis is first & foremost, quality. When paralenz posted delays & were criticized, my point was take the time you need, because if it's done right people will forgive delays. Rushing a new product to market with problems would be a mistake. These guys are making something fantastic. It's not a simple product. I was happy to give them the time to solve the glitches. Aren't you?

Hey, I remember in one of your updates you said you would offer a 20% discount on all future orders to the original backers as a thank you for our patience. I haven't received this code, is it still coming?

I hope to purchase one next year as a complete photo and video replacement for my dives. Great job, Paralenz.

And the winners from Boot Düsseldorf?

Ordered mine again. Plan to use it in Grand Caymen. Staying at the SUNSET HOUSE in January. Plenty of time for it to arrive.

Hi Paralenz, can you please confirm that mine is in this lot please. Cheers David Morgan Midland WA

Still waiting here in New Zealand for word when they are getting sent. Read it was Monday now its Tuesday night how about We get an email about what is going on 🙁

Can you update us if the units for Australia have cleared customs yet?

Well, i finally got my paralenz. Here my opinions: The camera is well build and looks solid. About the software, after only 5 minutes I realised the wifi connection fail continously. In fact is not possible to activate it most of the time. After hard reseting it works but the problem comes back again. When finally the WIFI connection is on Its impossible to connect to my mobile phone. I can not say anything about other features cause I haven´t checked them, but It seems there are still important problems to solve. This weekend I´ll go diving, lets see how it performs... Editar

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1 week ago


The app for iOS is now in the App Store! ... See MoreSee Less

The app for iOS is now in the App Store!


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So delete Testflight and Paralenz Beta version and download this one?

Testflight and apple store have the same version. 0572.8 I will keep my testflight for future upgrade before other release in apple store.

When for the Play Store?

Has it been released on all Apple app stores? I cannot find it on the uk store.

What happened to Asia backers? No emails no tracking number at all.

Hi, I can't find the app in the playtime?


Richard Allen 😀 👍

Whoot! Apparently my camera arrives this week so great timing.

it's the 15th today...so, is it now cleared for asian orders??? we are still waiting from your updates.thanks!

Any chance for an iPad optimised version?

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2 weeks ago


All European backer cameras are being delivered 🙂 The rest backer cameras will follow next week. Here some frame-grabs from Ian and Andy´s trip to the red sea while you wait. ... See MoreSee Less


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Just in time for a weekend trip, not unpacked yet but can't wait. Finally !!

Not all cameras mine to malta has not been sent due to the postcode ???

Got mine today, thx

& mine tvm 🙂

wonderfull ! thanks 🙂

So US cameras have cleared customs? When will we receive our tracking #s?

I take it that would include Canadian backers as well?

You've just made my year!

Got an broken floater of the 3rd person viewer... not happy

Got mine yesterday, looks awesome. Can't wait to use it tomorrow 😁😁😁

Loving the colour guys 👌🏼

Bring it!

Received mine yesterday😘

I received mine Friday but unfortunately I have no more dive planned for this year but it seems to work very well. Even with the delay I would like to congrats you for this camera. I'm glad I trusted in your work and can't wait to use the camera in my next dives 😉

Still waiting for a tracking number 😩

asia backer received camera, woowoo

Any news on the yankee cameras? I've a dive coming up at Dutch Springs before heading out to the Bahamas and I'd love to try the camera in the quarry before the Carribean

When do you expect to ship danish web orders?

When does it make sense to place a weborder from Germany?

Is it realy serious? got 2 invoice from Fed Ex for 100 Sfr Swiss in totaly! I did't read it when i order it almost one year ago.. I am disapointet about this fact

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3 weeks ago


Hey Everybody! 😀

This is the situation at the moment:

EU Backer orders: Cameras have been stocked at the warehouse in Northampton and is being packed and labelled at this moment!! 😀 You should receive a tracking number by mail tomorrow.

US and ASIA/AUS Backer orders: Cameras are awaiting customs clearance. We will update when they are cleared!!

Web orders are still in China, we will update on this when we know more!

Thank you for all your support and patience!
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How about Asia Backer orders?

Email received 👍🏻

Peter Temmerman tis op komst :p

How long to receive my camera in Belgium?

yeah can´t wait !!!

Won't be there in time for my 50 meter dive at NDAC. Never mind.

Thanks for keeping camera and video quality first priority. Look forward to capturing great dives with great video and snapshots.

Woop woop wohoo you guys are awesome and amazing. Thanks so much for coming through. Can't wait for the camera

Great stuff !!

Not sure where this places Aus orders. Mine is Order 69 with Indiegogo. Is this Asia backorders or Web ?

Great work on keeping the updates coming. Looking forward to seeing the Aussie orders being shipped.

Colombia is in the US backers?

What about Australia ?

MY ORDER HAS BEEN LABELED !!! you guys built up (unintentionally, I hope) such a lot of tension and suspense, i´m nearly dying to get my hands on the cam ... I really hope that the product lives up to all our expectations, but judging by the pics from the A-Testers (and the s**T I´ve pics I´ve taken with the G*p** during the last years) I feel that is a major step forward and in two years time, no one will even remember that there was something else than paralenz ...

Das ist sowas von bullshit.... und weborder werden erst nächstes Jahr verschickt oder was ?????? bin massiv angepisst 💩💩💩

Hi ElkeAs you can see in the update. This is with regards to backer orders.Web orders are still in China and we will update when we know more.Warmest RegardsJacob Dalhoff Steensen

Yeeeeees! It's true! My Paralenz is on it's way to my house. It seems that I'll touch it on Monday

"You should receive a tracking number by mail tomorrow." Nope, not a thing

Amazingingly quick response to my complaint....

"We're pleased to report that your order was despatched today at 7:11pm (BST) on a Royal Mail Tracked 24 Signed service."

me too🙂

I need my cam on saturday and according to tracking it arrives on monday 😭 Well, close enough! At least there is light at the end of the tunnel - hope it's as awesome as it seems to be and that the longer waiting time has paid off! Thanks again for the frequent updates, you did it right!

Received mine today! Looking outstanding, can’t wait to get into the water 🙂Though the camera-mount is not perfect for my head... the camera points to the side and not to what I’m looking at. The mount on the 3rd person stick has an angle which can be adjusted. Guess I need that on my camera-mount as well.But nevertheless you delivered an outstanding product! My compliments 👏👏👏

OMG !!! It is here !

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4 weeks ago


We finally got tracking numbers for the cameras that left Hong Kong for the hubs. As soon as we get word that they have received the cameras, for final shipping we will update again. ... See MoreSee Less


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Weren't you going to post the tracking #s? At least your update yesterday said you would.

What's the ETA for the delivery? I'm just desperate to get mine before October.

Sort it out ... by the time we get these cameras they will not be the best ..

I thought you were shipping by air (thats what you said). Must be a very slow plane if it's still not arrived!

1 month ago


Update! 🙂

Indiegogo orders are expected to ship on the 25th of August and web orders shortly after!!! 😀

We will of course let you know when they are on the way.

The estimated date of delivery is not known before a tracking number and a shipping notification has been produced and you will know this when it arrives in your inbox, this goes for Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, as well as web orders.

We are looking so much forward to get this done!!! Thank you very much for all your patience!
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Thank you for all the work done to deliver a quality product, as well as keeping us as well informed as was possible along the way! Looking forward to using the camera 🙂

I'm a kickstarter backer and havent recieved mine. When can I expect my delivery? Thanks. 🙂

At last ... happy days .. will get to use in Malta before summer ends 🙂

To late... already diving during holidays... with my G#### 😢

Looking forward to it!

It's been sometimes very frustrating waiting and when I finally got a Tester camera I also found something's frustrating.But I must say and you can choose to ignore me that the Paralenz I use at present is absolutely worth the wait for.i have used the Paralenz and Go pro side by side and apart from some little issues that have now been resolved the Paralenz by a huge mile is the best little camera I have used...Watch out Go pro you're got one he'll of a competitor. Well done the crew at Paralenz. You are going to make many many people happy...

Well said Ian, I already have many envious divers around me looking at my videos comparing with theirs for the same dive ... it is a no match !!

Amazing news guys! I am one of the kickstarter backers, do you have any ideas of when should I get the tracking number of my camera?

Cant wait to finally receive it after waiting for 11 months! I'll be taking it to Vanuatu with me for sure!

Glæder mig så meget ,håber det lever op til forventningerne 😎

Er de sendt, eller? 🙂

are orders still expected to ship on the 25th of August?😁😁

I'm a kickstarter backer, till today still not receive tracking number or any update about shipping, may i know if there is a further delay?

Are you still shipping Indiegogo orders in Aug 25th?

What happened to shipping Kickstarter on 18th August? I've heard nothing.

Hey guys! Any update on the shippings?

Hello, any update to the indigogo shipping to Australia?

Any updates?

week, after week, after week.... frustrating

Are you serious right now?

did you start shipping as you planned?

No updates, at all?

Sorry everyone! We are aware that this is dragging out way more than it should! The silence is due to us waiting for solid news from china. We are expecting to receive a tracking number tomorrow and will post it as soon as we do!

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1 month ago


Hey Divers

Earlier this summer Paralenz got invited by
the Mallorca based marine conservation organisation Asociación Ondine to come along a research expedition on the subject of marine protection and plastic pollution. As a consequence of the massive waste problem on the beaches of the Balearic Island. Asociasion Ondine has realeased this PSA today which is the first in a series of short videos giving us inspiration and suggestions to how we can change our daily habits to help save our seas.

Responsibility and awareness are two things that will definitely change things around. We owe it to the seas to take care of them and this is one way of doing it.

Think about the plastics you use! Less is more 😉

Check it out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-D4tXGyPxg&feature=youtu.beChange your daily habits to help save our seas! Cambia tus hábitos diarios para ayudar a salvar nuestros mares! Plastic q-tips litter the shores of the Bay o...
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