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  • With no lights, no filters and no post edits, I was able to get the best footage I have ever taken in the lake. DCC is awesome. In review of the footage, I saw elements that I did not see with my naked eyes, including some fish hiding in one of the Christmas trees, the doll riding the dog skeleton (don’t ask) had a red bathing suit and all (the few I could find) the fish looked so natural in color and tone. This is my new favorite camera.
    Anthony Jones
  • This is really user friendly diver’s camera!! easy to use, nicely done, small! and the results are really better than other sport cam (without any boxes or filters!) and no stress to go under the 30 meters deep during the dive…
    Bataille Baptiste
  • I’ve shot underwater footage on a range of cameras, from GoPro to Sealife to RED. For situations in which a small, compact camera would be the best, I will now always choose the Paralenz camera. Not only is the camera fully automated for recording and color correction, easy to use with gloves, and simple to learn, it actually has great low light capabilities and dynamic range compared to similarly sized cameras.
    Alexander Finden
  • As a techincal diver using open circuit or CCR rebreather it’s a wonderful camera because I don’t need to think about the depth I am at and fear of my camera flooding. I also don’t have to worry about changing the filter at a deeper depth as I do with other camera and housings (Paralenz Depth color correction filter is integrated!)
    Maui, USA
  • The expectation was high, and today after already several dives with my Paralenz camera in the Portuguese Atlantic coast line, I´m really satisfied with the flexibility and good quality of my Paralenz camera this together with the all the support materials and information available to properly operate it
    João Eduardo Branco
  • Love my Paralenz, so much better than my other action cameras. The quality of pics and knowing I don’t have to worry about having filters is great. Had a couple issues when I first started with it but the support crew helped me get them fixed. Battery life and SD capacity is excellent.
    Martin Weingartner
  • I have only had it for about 3 months and I’ve got to say that I am extremely impressed the camera up to now. So much so, my GOPRO has never been used since and is now gathering dust. I have only been diving and making under water videos for a couple of years but the Paralenz is the best video camera I have used up to now.
    Graeme Parker
  • I mainly dive in dark, murky, green river water, so the use of cameras is usually flawed at best, but ever since the first dive ive been amazed by it. The color correction and the White balance make wonders in the vídeos, especially since im not very good at editing,
    Ricardo Ribeiro
  • All I can say is what a fantastic little camera, so easy to use, easy to change settings underwater, not that I really needed to, apart from turning the dcc white balance on and off when using a torch in those extreme dark areas, which wasn’t very often as it automatically adjusts brightness. Virtually no editing needed apart from a little trim of the videos after the dive.
    Darren Sammé
  • The menus are very simple to navigate and change as required and with the big Button they are simple to operate in gloves. With the automatic white balance on it creates a very crisp picture that seems leagues above any other camera I have tried.
    Dan Newman
  • Superb handling & very easy to use; no filters to mess around with; DCC is extremely good and improving with subsequent firmware updates; one thing that is absolutely clear is that owing to the DCC vs filters, correct colour presentation remains for both foreground and background (well done, Parlanez!), the results have been very good;
    Paul Budd
  • Awesome dive camera that Can easyly be mounted on your camera housing, your mask-Strap, a Spear-gun or on a 3rd person viewer. With the depth controlled White balance for green or Blue water, Paralenz is way a head of other camaras like e.g. Gopro.
    Dan Haulund
  • I have seen and used some other sport cameras for Diving and all of them fall short compared to the Paralenz. It takes the best features of other camera and rolls them all into one. To have everything all together in one hand held camera is amazing.
    Nathan Mobach – Canada
  • From the start my diving friends were very impressed with the overall quality and the quality of the videos and pictures. …The production camera I have used in Tenerife as well as the UK. It works great in all waters, the sea, lakes and quarries.
    Glen Hayes


Get the benefit of color filters without the loss of light and hassle of changing them. The DCC™ automatically gives you all the colors without a color filter


You can choose to display the depth and temperature as overlay in your videos and pictures, adding a new aspect to the footage.

Upgrade your vacation videos

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Goes wherever you go

>> Waterproof to 200 m / 656 ft
>> Milled from military grade aluminium
>> Haptic vibration feedback
>> Easily operated with gloves


The right design and materials have eliminated the need for an extra housing - giving you a smaller camera with a lower weight
Capable of recording for +3 hours in Full HD, or +2 hours in stunning 4K resolution and capable of fully recharging in under 60 mins.

Parlenz comes in a sturdy travel case that can fit easily into your suitcase / dive bag, complete with everything you need to take it diving.

Now anyone can record colorful underwater videos and share them right away

Be present in the dive and let the PARALENZ® record the action to a depth of 200m/656ft without additional housing. The built in pressure sensor takes care of all color correction through the dive making it possible for anyone to record quality videos - regardless of their photographic expertise. With the real-time depth and temperature overlay you also add a whole new aspect to the video.

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