Meet the next-generation underwater camera

Spend more time diving and less time editing. Packed with unparalleled features, the new Vaquita 2nd Gen is the diver’s choice for ease of use and breathtaking recording quality. Now with a 150° ultra-wide lens and our best yet automatic color correction.
Paralenz Vaquita 2nd Gen Underwater Camera Presentation
Vaquita 2nd Gen at a glance
Ultra-rich colors, ultra-wide lens
  • Automatic color correction
  • No extra filter needed
  • Ultra-wide lens (150° FOV)
  • Up to 4K60
All your dive data in one place
  • GPS, depth, and temperature
  • Ascend and descend rate
  • Integrated dive log and media library
  • Share your dive and help protect the Ocean
Built for technical diving
  • Waterproof to 350m / 1150 ft
  • Easy to use
  • Marine grade aluminum
  • Flexible 180° mounting system
All tech specifications


Vaquita 2nd Gen


4K at 60fps

1080p at 240fps

FOV (1/12.3”) D150 H122° V92°

Minimum focus distance 25cm (9.8”)

Video format: 4K at 60fps / 4K at 30 fps

Video bitrate: 100 Mbps

Auto-DCC or fixed White Balance

0.95” True Color OLED 180x120p


WiFi 2.4GHz


Android, iOS

Chip: Ambarella H2s65

Image Sensor: Sony IMX577

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Quick-Release Coupling with Triple O-Rings

Mounting: T-Rails (not compatible with DiveCamera+)

No extra housing needed

Internal Microphone

128 x 40 x 43mm / 5 x 1.5 x 1.7”

240g (100g underwater)

LiPo – 2000 mAh

USB - Type C

Micro SD-card




128Gb Micro SD-Card (Class: U3 or V30) - not included

Waterproof to 350m / 1150 ft 36 atm

-10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F


Underwater videography made easy

Vaquita 2nd Gen is an underwater camera built for divers, by divers. Recording great footage shouldn’t be complicated or distracting. Simply point and shoot and let Vaquita do the rest.
More diving, less editing

Enjoy ultra-rich colors at any depth without extra effort. The patented Depth-Controlled Color Correction (Auto-DCC) automatically adjusts the white balance of your recording already during your dive.

Auto-DCC Image Comparison Before Color CorrectionAuto-DCC Image Comparison After Color Correction
Ultra-wide lens, ultra-rich colors

Capture the most stunning scenery with the brand new ultra-wide lens (150°) in up to 4K60 / 1080p240 / 720p240 (Photos: 12MP).

Made to suit your diving style

Smoothly switch between multiple recording modes: video, snap, auto-record, and two configurable custom modes. Vaquita is fully operable underwater.

Technical diver with Paralenz Vaquita 2nd Gen and Vaquita Grip
Your dive, your overlay

Add a little extra to your recordings with up to two custom, real-time Dive Overlays: depth, temperature, dive time, ascent/descent rates, and date.

Get more dive insights

Gain extra insights from your dive and share to create impact. Vaquita is packed with sensors: GPS, depth, temperature, dive time, date/time, and descent/ascent rate.

Built for technical diving

As tough as your dive gear, Vaquita is made from marine-grade aluminum. With 180° T-Rail mounting system for multiple mounting options. And waterproof down to 350 m (1150 ft) without extra housing.

Technical diving equipment with Paralenz Vaquita 2nd Gen
Help protect the Ocean

Easily share your dive data recorded by the Vaquita sensors with our scientific partners via the Paralenz app.

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Out of the Box and into the ocean

Don’t worry about buying additional camera housings and filters. Paralenz Vaquita comes with everything you need: 1x Vaquita 2nd Gen, 1x protective case, 1x click mount, 1x USB-C cable, 3x extra O-rings, 1x lanyard, 1x extra magnet, 2x extra springs

Vaquita 2nd Gen Unboxed and Box Content

Accessories: Record it your way

Customize your recording experience with a wide range of official Paralenz accessories. Are you ready to explore all recording angles and mounting possibilities?
Diver with Paralenz Vaquita and Accessories

App: All your dives in one place

  • Keeps your dives automatically organized in the media library
  • Explore data from your dives in the dive log
  • Share your recorded dive stories easily with your dive buddies
  • Share your Ocean data and dive stories to TheOceanBase and enjoy free cloud storage
  • Comfortable transfer of your recordings to the app via cloud uploader
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Experience the Paralenz quality

Hover over the media library and play a video to experience the Paralenz quality.