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Smallerand Smarter

  • True ColorsTrue Colors

    Without lights or filters

  • Depth RatingDepth Rating

    250 Meters / 820 Feet

  • Video ResolutionVideo Resolution

    4K MOV - H.264

  • Military GradeMilitary Grade


  • Extra LongExtra Long

    Battery Life

  • No HousingNo Housing

    No plastic in the ocean

Full Specifications

The dive log reinvented

A fusion of your dive log and your Paralenz media library

The Dive Log reinvented
  • Import footage from the Paralenz Dive Camera
  • Get full overview of your dives
  • See realtime depth, temperature and settings while watching videos and where on the dive your footage was taken
  • Easy sharing of videos and images, to help spread ocean awareness
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By divers for divers

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A passionate team of divers and product designers from Copenhagen, Denmark decided to challenge the heavy and complex process of documenting and sharing dive experiences and bring people closer to the ocean.

The Paralenz is the fusion of expertise in design and engineering combined with feedback from 250 divers at locations all over the world - from Mexico to Antarctica, to northern Europe and back.

Our mission is to enable every diver to speak for the ocean and everything in it.

Jump in and join us!

  • Waterproof 820ft
  • True Depth Color
  • Depth Sensor
  • Aerospace Grade
  • 3+ hrs Battery
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Designed for Gloves
  • No Extra Housing
  • Image Stabilization
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