The Paralenz App: Turning videos into inspiration and impact

It has never been easier to directly impact the well-being of the Ocean by just going underwater. Connect your Paralenz Vaquita to our free App, share your dive videos, and inspire divers from all around the world. Every dive you share, includes Ocean data which helps researchers to help save our Ocean.
Step One: Capture your dive

Capture your dive with the new Paralenz Vaquita. Directly transfer your footage to the App via WiFi and Bluetooth. You can now find your footage in the media library, check your dive profile, and continue with our editing and sharing tools.

Step Two: Edit your videos

Finetune your videos with our easy-to-use editing tool. You can even apply our unique color-correction feature and automatically cut a full dive into shareable highlights.

Step Three: Share to inspire and to impact

Done editing? Share your dive highlights as a story and speak for the Ocean. You’re not only inspiring like minded divers, but providing valuable Ocean data to marine researchers worldwide.

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Mapping the Ocean, one dive at a time

Share your dives and put them on the map. The Paralenz App features “Explore” – a map function with a clear visual overview of where you have been diving and where you could dive next.
Every diver is an explorer

We believe that every diver is an explorer. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to capture the Ocean true to life and to use your content to make a real impact. With every dive you share, you automatically share valuable Ocean data to marine researchers worldwide.

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