1.0 How it works

Better Together.

Unlock your camera’s full potential with the free Paralenz App. Access and organize your dive footage in the media library and dive log, edit your recordings smoothly, and share your highlights with likeminded divers and marine scientists worldwide.


Capture the true colors of the Ocean, up to 4K with no additional filters needed. Your camera’s sensors also track the temperature, depth, location, and conductivity of your dives. This data not only helps you to learn more about your dive but also marine scientists to learn more about the Ocean.


With the Paralenz App, you gain access to a unique dive log, media library, and bring your recordings to life with our intuitive editing tool. Organize and relive your dives wherever you are.


Share your dive highlights as pins on a map with TheOceanBase and speak for the Ocean. Get inspired and Inspire other divers to provide valuable marine data to marine scientists worldwide.

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2.0 TheOceanBase

Your Dives. Your Stories. Your Impact.

Less than 10% of the Ocean has been explored by humans. “TheOceanBase” is a map feature that offers you a clear visual overview of where you have been diving – and where you want to dive next. Upload and share your dive highlights as pins on the map, get inspired, and inspire others.

Every dive counts.

With every dive you upload, you automatically share Ocean data to marine conservationists and scientists worldwide. We believe: every diver is an explorer and every dive counts!

Dives shared on TheOceanBase.
3.0 Partnerships

Your stories have an impact

We are constantly building new meaningful partnerships to enable your Ocean data to work for the preservation of our playground – the Ocean. Read more about our partners and their current projects.

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