Sharing Ocean data to make an impact

Our vision is to enable every diver to help protect our playground: the Ocean. With every dive you share through the Paralenz App, you also share valuable Ocean data to researchers and conservationists worldwide – our partners.

How we work with our Partners

Your Paralenz camera automatically collects Ocean data about the location, depth, temperature, and conductivity during your dive. When you share your dive through the Paralenz App, we distribute all relevant Ocean Data to our partners, supporting their efforts to help save the Ocean.


Meet our partners

We are constantly building new meaningful partnerships to enable your dives to contribute to the preservation of our playground. By diving with Paralenz, you’re currently helping these partners build the knowledge needed to help save the Ocean.


Meet our Ambassadors

What we can’t achieve alone, we are able to with others. With their passion and commitment to the Ocean, they help us spread the word about our common mission. Our ambassadors are inspiring figures in the world of science, underwater video- & photography, technical diving, and freediving.

Video- & Photographers
Tech Divers


Engaging stories from divers, researchers, conservationists, and Ocean citizens worldwide.