Underwater Camera With a Mission

Paralenz Vaquita is an easy to use point-and-shoot underwater camera that tracks your dive Depth, Temperature, and GPS Location.
With the patented Automatic Depth-Controlled Color Correction, you can focus on your dive as it adjusts the white balance relative to your depth. No filters, no housing needed down to 350m / 1150ft. A camera made by divers for diving.
Paralenz Vaquita Underwater Camera




4K at 60fps

1080p at 240fps

FOV (1/1.8”) D108° H90° V59° lens

Focal length: 18mm

Video format: H264 4K at 60fps / H265 4K at 30 fps

Video bitrate: 100 Mbps

Color Correction: Auto WB, static WB and DCC

0.95” True Color OLED 180x120p


WiFi 2.4GHz


Android, iOS

Chip: Ambarella H2s65

Image Sensor: Sony IMX577

6061 Aluminum Alloy

Quick-Release Coupling with Triple O-Rings

Mounting: T-Rails (not compatible with DiveCamera+)

No extra housing needed

Internal Microphone

128 x 40 x 43mm / 5 x 1.5 x 1.7”

240g (100g underwater)

LiPo – 2000 mAh

USB - Type C

Micro SD-card







128Gb Micro SD-Card (Class: U3 or V30) - not included

Waterproof to 350m / 1150 ft 36 atm

-10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F


OLED Display: Frame the Perfect shot

Frame the perfect shot with the live viewfinder. Monitor your dive with the information overlay.

Paralenz Vaquita with True Color OLED Display
Up to 4K: Smooth, Colorful, and Detailed Recording

Choose between 4K / 2.7K (30 or 60 fps), 1080p / 720p (30 to 240 fps).

Auto-DCC: Vivid Colors, All the Way Down

The intelligent Auto-DCC (Depth-Controlled Colors) color correction automatically adjusts the white balance relative to dive depth. No filters needed.

After applying Paralenz color correctionBefore applying Paralenz color correction

Compared to the use of filters, our built-in color correction allows for all the light to be collected. Thanks to the power of the new Ambarella processor, we are constantly optimizing our color correction together with you.

Auto-Record: More Diving, Less Worrying

There is no more need to manually start your recording. Adjust your preferred depth level at which the Paralenz Vaquita automatically starts and stops recording.

Every Dive Counts

Paralenz Vaquita has a unique set of sensors that automatically track valuable Ocean data. Sharing your underwater videos and the Ocean data through the Paralenz App helps marine scientists to learn more about the Ocean and restore its health.

By Divers For Divers

Vaquita’s marine-grade aluminum body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be easily operated with neoprene gloves. You can also attach it to your mask or to your gear.

Paralenz Vaquita fits the palm of your hand
Out of the Box and Into the Ocean

Don’t worry about buying additional camera housings and filters. Paralenz Vaquita comes with everything you need.

1x Paralenz Vaquita

1x Paralenz Vaquita

1x Click Mount

1x Click Mount

1x USB-C Cable

1x USB-C Cable

3x Extra O-Rings

3x Extra O-Rings

Dive Buddies: The Camera and the App

Connect your Paralenz Vaquita to our free Paralenz App and keep all your dives in one place. Organize your dives with the intelligent dive log and make them shareable in no time. Share your dives on TheOceanBase and get inspired by dive footage from divers worldwide. With every dive you share on TheOceanBase, you share valuable Ocean data with scientists worldwide.
Paralenz Vaquita with Paralenz App
Put your dive on the map

Turn your dive into a story and put it on the map – inspire and get inspired! You can view dives from all around the world and get ideas for your next adventure.

Your Dives. Your Stories. Your Impact.

Any underwater camera can capture a dive. But does it speak for the Ocean? Every time you share a dive with the Paralenz App you share valuable Ocean data with researchers worldwide.

Download the free App

Experience the Paralenz quality

Hover over the media library and play a video to experience the Paralenz quality.
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